Cryptopia CryptoCurrency Exchange Tutorial How to Buy and Sell ZenCash/Bitcoin

Cryptopia is one of the best cryptocurrency exchanges available, especially if you’re interested in buying and smaller smaller up and coming altcoins. Register with Cryptopia today and check…


  1. When i try to exchange coins or buy coins with bitcoin it gives me a way off number for example y triend to buy xvg which is cents only per every coin but was telling me that my 25 dlls of bitcoin can only get me 1 xvg coin what am I doing wrong?

  2. Question: from your point of view as a miner, how should a trader enter and exit a mineable coin? When do miners hold, and what decisions cause miners to let a coin rise in value versus selling off their holdings? Im looking at Zencash particularly, and its hard to find a good entry point right now as an investor.

  3. If you wanted to withdraw to your bank in USD and in USA how you do it? they send it to your bank account or western union or how is it?? I have a coinbase account by the way I know how that one works but Im very interested in open and account with cryptopia and buy and trade instead of coinbase please let me know

  4. Signup with Cryptopia using my link!
    Build a ZenCash mining rig! – FULL PART LIST BELOW
    Zotac 1080 Mini 8gb (6x)
    Zotac 1070 Mini 8gb (6x)
    Zotac 1060 mini 6gb (6x)
    Gigabyte z270 d3 mobo
    Intel g4400 CPU
    ATX power switch
    USB (Harddrive)
    EVGA 750w PSU
    Alternate PSU Parallel 750w (needs ATX adapter)
    ATX mobo adapter &
    Velcro (Useful for customizing placement)
    Arctic Freeze Thermal Paste kit
    PCIE Risers
    Zip Ties
    6x GPU Mining Rig Frame
    MiningCave Coupon for entire site = voskcoin

    Mining software used is nvOC made by fullzero
    Alternate Mining OS smOS

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