Cryptolium: Half of Dubai’s bank transactions will be on the blockchain by 2021

The ruler of the Emirate has pledged that half of all bank transactions in the country will be conducted using block-chain technology by 2021. Earlier this month …


  1. Guy with the glasses sounds like an insufferable bell-end to be around.
    "Burning man invented Crypto Currency" what in the hell is he going on about!!!

  2. At first I read "Dubai arms to use cryptocurrency".
    My smart mind. Always one step ahead of awareness, heh.
    Hilarious how that guy said everybody gets the same chance, fair opportunity, and how that's the essence of civilization. Well, those wealthy rulers most certainly are not civilized.
    And that other guy… "Firm believer of a money-free society" – "Chairman of Bitcoin Foundation". – Hmmmm… creating new types of money to get rid of money, huh? Convenient step. Especially if you get rich. I will retain skepticism. People usually crash into their limits of vision hard.

  3. Dajjal's Latest weapon cashless money just like it was petrodollar in 70s.

    it was unethical then, its unethical now and Crypto-Currency wont be any different.

    the cabal of CC i.e 33 worshipers are spawns of Satan.

  4. If or when the computer world collapses, then those digital coins will have no value. They are dependent on the existence of a computer and the internet. When those things are removed from the world, then they will have no value. Gold and silver have value even if you were to find it after one thousand years from now.

    The wise and smart one is he who uses his wealth to reserve gold and silver and then transforming the medium of exchange in the land from paper, cards, digital coins etc to real gold and silver as the medium of exchange in the land. But if the usage of paper and card money exist out of necessity and safety lest one carries a bag full of gold, then those paper and card money should only be redeemable with real gold and silver when asked, otherwise, it is usury.

    That is value. But as for printing paper out of thin air, then that is usury, and cryptocurrency is fake that will not last. And when calamity strikes man, he will resort to gold and silver. The reason why the big banks hoard gold and silver in their vaults and not anything other than that, is because those are the things that have true value to man in every time and place.

    Gold and silver is the Muslim way. Not fiat currency created with 'Eenah (repos i.e., repurchase agreement), nor digital currency. T

    These munafiqeen will listen to kuffar who worship fire, but the believers and scholars of Islam will be ignored. That is why the Ummah is being humiliated by all kinds of kuffar. It is because the worst amongst us became our leaders. And they waste the wealth of Islam and Jihaad by sucking up and showing off to our enemies, hoping they will be liked and accepted thereby. Thus they do their deeds for the kuffar and not Allah. They are committing ar-Riyaa' (minor shirk) in their deeds while they perceive not.

  5. Cryptobank:heres a chip put it on.
    Weeks later
    Bank: it looks like you broke 2 traffic laws while driving, we have suspended your account until you pay the fees, or serve jail time to unlock your account.

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