Cryptocurrency YouTuber 24 hours in Krabi Thailand Island Hopping

In this video, I decided to share with you 24 hours in Krabi, to maybe inspire some of you to live out your travel and adventure goals. With or without cryptocurrency it can be done. This is…


  1. I have been in Thailand over 10 times Jeff, you are my man! Both love Crypto an Thailand!!!
    I often go to Koh phan Ngan i cannot believe how much money you spend over there man, crazy lol
    I once rented a place very basic for 6000 bath a month, that is 2 of your lobsters!
    Krabi-Phi Phi horrible touristy man

  2. While you're in Krabi take a tour the the Emerald cove and you gotta visit Koh Samui and Koh Phangan.. a friendly advise, don't tell anyone you're into crypto.. a few crypto youtubers got robbed in Thailand.

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  4. awesome buddy me and my girlfriend done the same in oct lastyear… im the same with all my go pro and dji and gimbles haha…. they wouldnt let us fly the drone either on any of the hot spots

  5. I bet your not crypto trading. Your actually just living Off your subscribers donating money to you and/or also your YouTube earnings… anything dealing with real Crypto trading your losing. Or your getting paid to pump and dump.

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