Cryptocurrency Predictions:Sharon Michelle-07/06/18

Here is the Digibyte update as promised. The “Golden Bulldozer” may be on the move now as Sharon explains why we have every reason to be optimistic.


  1. Another pump and Dump Jsnip4 trap. You guys fall right for it-great all dumb sheep. He has psychics front-running his show while he is the nice guy helping people con man! hey, come over here, but if a psychic strays from the pack and says a different story than con man wants to hear then he threatens,smears them and steals their costumers, happened with his other psychics and remote viewers on the show too. Good luck Sharon, nice lady.

  2. Lotsa trolls here. A sign you are getting attention! You’ve NAILED it so far on DGB !! THANK YOU for your hard work! We know this is out of kindness to us folks and most of us appreciate it immensely! Sending Love and Light right back at you two!

  3. Hi Sharon and Jared ….. any info on… Pundi X (NPXS)… I think it was the Digibyte press release that talked about a point of sale involving Digibyte and Utrust …that would utilize Pundi X devices for point of sale in European countries… Pundi X is around $0.004 … so it might be a very nice one to ride up if its successful …. I would love to hear your thoughts on this one … and thank you for all you have done ….for everyone…. peace and love

  4. Soon Jsnip4 will bash you in a video like he did with Utsava and lie about you, you next just like he lied about Utsava, if you be honest what you see about coins he wants to pump.Soon he will threaten you and stalk you, bully you in his videos like he did with Utsava, and lie about you. Strange you don't see this one coming and that you associate with this con man.He ripped off thousands of people in his trade call groups they have lost millions with this con man. Wierd you don't see it and you hook up with a jerk bashing other women on Video like he did with Utsava, you next.

  5. I had a vision of a jungle/African outside wall of a cave that leads to a shrine with it's symbol being some kind of hard, prestine, prestigious shield on the cave entrance just now, when I was tapping into the coin Quarkchain. It would be interesting to hear Sharon's or someone else's feelings about this coin. Thanks to Sharon and J and others here, God Bless

  6. If you are taking votes, I dislike the music intensely. It detracts from the message, is monotonous and creepy. Love and value you, your heart and the message! If we need background music we can play it ourselves. No reason to play it here. God bless.

  7. Hello Sharon Michelle. I am also a psychic medium, currently a Non Practicing one. Just doing stuff on the fly, as needed, no charge (because I don't need money from people but feel it is fine to charge if you need money or are putting effort into it, like a job). I have about 40 different tokens and Digibyte was one of my earliest buys. I did not buy Veritasium because I just did not feel comfortable with it. Today, I am getting more Digibyte because I also feel that something big is coming soon, too!!

  8. OMG I went all in yesterday and almost at 1 k profits already but it's not even the 9th. I deff owe Sharon and Michelle white dove. As soon as I get paid I'm donating. I don't even have a car right now but that will change soon enough. Thanks guys. I sold all my xrp.

  9. eh cone head Jsnip , you are all of over the psychics now trying to steal their informations and make trade calls for your paid subscribers huh. you are really scum bag trying to bring down all psychics so you can get more people come to you. You atre the fuckking scammers soon will get fucked

  10. Digibyte lmao . a pure joke coin … they will launch there main program in 2035. you lot must be mad foolish and stupid to invest in this . and this woman is a fake crackpot loser that has got far more wrongs than right. which most of us can do our selfs anyway… are you guys really that dumb to think this coin will moon up that much .. there are a lot of very smart people out threre with a lot of money. and none of them are rushing to invest in this coin .. It is priced at 3 to 4 cent for a reason get real do not get scammed into this

  11. Just sent a donation ( Etherium). Thank you Jared & Michelle for all you do. Hope things get better for you. Im sending you love and light & praying for you.( i.e. asked Yogananda, Babaji, Jesus, Archangel Michael. and others to assist you)

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