Cryptocurrency News LIVE! – Bitcoin, Ethereum, Dash, TenX & More Crypto News! (January 9th, 2018)

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    00:17 Introduction
    01:11 Market Overview
    02:02 Mike Maloney on EOS, Hashgraph, Silver, and Gold
    02:49 Did TenX Co-Founder Julian Hosp Dump 2.2 Million PAY Tokens On Bittrex?
    10:13 Ethereum Testnet Successfully Forked Over To Constantinople
    11:13 Wife Of Norwegian Billionaire Tom Hagen Ransomed For Monero
    13:56 Someone Controls > 51% Of Dash Hashrate Right Now Using NiceHash
    21:06 Flying Tesla Roadters in 2022?
    21:32 Jeff Bezos Gets Divorced
    22:24 Joey Krug: A Crypto Thesis
    28:11 Quote of the Day!
    28:48 Closing Thoughts

  2. Too bad with Julian, I mean he was prob a scammer with the ponzi in his esrlier career but i think Tenx was a serious project, more than many others in crypto. Julian is a smart guy, but yeah still scatchy stuff.

  3. People , for some reason , just love shitcoins. If you tell somebody that they're invested in garbage , they won't believe you. Mark Twain was right , it's easier to fool people than to tell them that they've been fooled.

  4. Just a few weeks ago, during a live interview with Ivan on Tech's channel, I asked Julian Hosp's commitment level to TenX. Him stepping down was contrary to his answer back then… "I'm a million percent committed to TenX…"

  5. Thanks for covering TenX Omar! Dr. Julian Hosp has been acting in his own interest imho for some time now – not taking care of the TenX Community and brushing concerns aside. Who could have guessed…

  6. We had a proof of keys movement and now we need a proof of fiat movement where everyone withdraws all their money from the banks just to make sure they actually have the funds

  7. If ppl. want to see what a crappy job Tesla is doing looking after customers, with all of Elon's billions of taxpayer funded subsidies — honestly look up " Rich Rebuilds " on YT — what a nightmare on some of his last videos trying to buy a used Tesla.

  8. Look Guys, I agree BTC has hit bottom and XRP, XLM, ADA, EOS etc. will lead the bull market, Knowing that the crypto market is manipulating and full of speculations, I believe BTC will become supreme as always, we should just keep on holding, as for XRP it will not sky rocket as everyone thinks, this is pure facts, but It will gradually lead between, but since ETH has gone back to second place in the crypto market cap, that shows more hope on all this digital currencies, nevertheless, I still day trade following the best strategist and analyst, Mr Harald Webster, member of financial crypto market. He showed me how to utilize my coins I’m holding to make extra profits, I invested just 10K from what I’m holding and I made 75K good cash in just a day, It was mind blowing because I have never had this type of strategies and signals for trading before and Mr Harald Webster made it possible for me, now as I hold my precious coins, I side by side make day trading profits. Big thanks to Mr Harald Webster, you can also get help and best strategy from him, via his Email <<HARALDWEBSTER77@GMAIL. COM>>

  9. 2.2m is a liquidity injection. Omar, the managed market looks like this. Project leaders keeping the prices in a non-arbitragable zone with ETH and BTC. It is in the best interest of the PAY token to manage that price inside arb range. This whole managed market is happening because the 2008 crisis is about to unwind and cryptos will catch what falls. 😁

  10. Furthermore when visa backed out and the cards werent usable anymore Julian was like "when i heard that i jumped up out of excitement because now we have a big head start (regarding the competition like Monaco, nowadays within this niche since we have very good relations etc"… Well, my card hasnt arrived yet…

  11. "I'm looking at you developers…" dude, do you realize how hard it is to do this stuff?? How much time it takes to do it accurately and responsibly?? It really pees me off when guys moan about developers not working fast enough, whilst they make no contribution at all.

    Please understand I am not hating on you, I believe you do a fine job, but this is a problem that everyone exhibits. It's the same as some comments on GitHub for free software "where is my this… why can't you just do that… that's not good enough" when they are getting something for free and not contributing back at all.

    Please change the narrative and support the developers, give them time, let them make the best things they can – this shit is hard.

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