Cryptocurrency Market Update Nov 11th 2018 – Bitcoin Cash Sparks Sentiment

Cryptocurrency Market Update Nov 11th 2018 – Bitcoin Cash Sparks Sentiment In this week’s cryptocurrency market update we look at all the latest news …


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  2. 0:59 “We don’t normally like to cover politics on this channel“

    Followed by:

    4:32 “China and Russia get sick of the power the US has…this happens because they (the US) has the ability to print money out of thin air and pump their economy up and buy goods off the rest of the world from these people who are doing labor for a dollar an hour…I think the rest of the world is waking up to this…the US has had a free run…this dollar is not backed by anything…They (the US) seem to act as the world police” etc. etc.”

    Nugget, I generally enjoy your content, and you're entitled to carry anti-American views if you wish. However, these are strongly conflicting messages. If you're going to deliver your own political opinions, just be honest about it. Regardless, I still appreciate the regular videos you put out here and look forward to more.

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  5. good video
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