Cryptocurrency Market Update Jan 6th 2019 – Fed Up & ETH Upgrades

Cryptocurrency Market Update Jan 6th 2019 – Fed Up & ETH Upgrades In this week’s cryptocurrency market update we look at all the latest news headlines for …


  1. Should be a big year for Apollo Currency. Feature rich, 2 second transaction speed, IP masking, decentralised exchange & smart contracts coming. Mass adoption plan underway with ATMs coming worldwide.

  2. Craig isn't part of the Bitcoin Cash community anymore, he's with SV but in any case, yes there are a lot of angry people in the community, it wasn't created as an altcoin, it was forced into being created as a backup plan to bitcoin since it was hijacked and prevented from scaling and has been labelled a scam and its supporters attacked in censored forums ever since. It makes me want to smash some fucking heads.

  3. Wow, can’t remember last time you said you thought BTC would break downwards.

    I appreciate the unbiased and honest analysis!! More than I can say for most YouTubers 🤙😎

  4. Well done. Yes we're headed into the next great recession. The fed triggers a new implosion every 7 to 10 years. They crash the economy then roll in and buy up all the assets that people sell to stay alive. Then they lower the rates and start the whole mess all over again. During these squeezes stocks and real estate crash while precious metal go up. Now though we have bitcoin. I expect bitcoin to get a nice boost from this. I also still have a big ammo box full of silver that should go up nicely. Last time around my gold went up 70% and my silver went up 260%. I used some of my silver gains as a down payment on my house. I waited till real estate bottomed (in early 2012) and picked it up for 160 usd. Now it's worth 300k. In 2 years we should bottom out again and that will be the time to buy stocks and real estate and sell precious metals. Right now is the time to buy metals and bitcoin and get rid of stocks and real estate.

  5. Thanks for the update Alex. If anybody's interested, I've been watching recent videos of Stanley Druckenmiller talking about his thoughts on the immediate future of the market as well as the Fed raising interest rates. Highly recommended. Cheers

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