Cryptocurrency Market Update – Ethereum Vs Bitcoin and RIMBIT RBT

There is more to talk about than the red sea tonight in cryptocurrency. Instead of spreading FUD we open up the conversation with polls about Bitcoin and …


  1. I want to provide the project in which I began to participate absolutely recently. O to the TokenGo platform is. Perspectives of development in developers
    very big. The excellent command, the relevant ideas, generous bounty program, all factors specify that TokenGo one of the most interesting platforms now

  2. Like always your doing a great Job ! My only concern is about Bitcoin is the High Fees! which can hold them BACK a little and ETH has less Fees which can make a big differences … What do you think

  3. Кстати, если говорить о хороших и перспективных проектах, посоветую TokenGo.
    Это токенизация любого бизнеса. Всё очень просто и интуитивно понятно.

  4. How the hell are there 18 dislikes… Hahaha what do you dislike? Jeff making us all money? Come on guys, either appreciate it or just leave. No room for negativity in the Altcoin Buzz Army!

  5. Yup, Rimbit, called it ages ago on Xmas Day. Have made insane gains on that and sold off 50% already. If it crashes and burns I don't care. Already up 10k on the deal! Ha ha ha! Posted about it on one of your videos at the time. No one listened. Price was $0.003.

  6. Bitcoin did so much that it takes number one as far as making money from it for me I still love Bitcoin the most I've made the most money from Bitcoin I have never seen such fast returns as I'm saying now with cryptocurrencies the Bitcoin rules my opinion only

  7. This is the most impatient group.When you go into your Pension or 401k no one treats as something to sell and buy .you have no control.Its a saving plan LONG TERM..Bitcoin hold for it to grow.If people would stop thinking that they are going to make millions in one day.I want to know where What Bank ,401k ,bonds ,or anything that will give such returns..Lossing your minds for no reason .slow down,think and HAVE SOME FUCKING CONVICTION.

  8. Medibloc is at an all time high. But… it's worth looking at. Has a coinburn at end of month. It's bangin. Health application project with blockchain out of Korea. Forget these quick promise all coins like TRX XVG and others, this is a serious project with serious application.

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