Cryptocurrency Market Sees Bitcoin Dominance Over Altcoins Rise

The Cryptocurrency Market does swing hard and fast. Sometimes up and sometimes down. Not always easy to anticipate. Bitcoin price action due to irrational …


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  2. Tax bill states that crypto investments cannot be accounted as capital gains "until" they are converted into Fiat again (correct me if I am wrong anyone) so the whale speculation makes sense but to a point.

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  4. Hi Jeff-quick question on Ncash which I need help with. If say a retailer just gives you 10 NCash tokens every time you enter a store and you approve a connection on your phone to essentially give the retailer your details, what happens if the token price goes to $1? How can a retailer possibly give out $10.00 every time some walks in and what happens if you then visit another 4 stores using the same technology on the day? You could essentially pocket $50.00 for walking around…unless they peg the token with a fixed fiat rate, I just can't see it working because someone has to pay for it.

  5. Jeff… I have enjoyed watching/listening to you since the beginning. Altcoin Buzz has been a resource that I have used for receiving up to date information, alt coin and market analysis. It seems like lately (since the markets have been down), you have changed your video platform to complain and read out loud your twitter account comments. Where did all of the valuable Altcoin buzz information go? Buck up son, all will be well. Jeff from 3 months ago would slap you on the back of the head, and say why did you get into this in the first place, because you believe in the concepts and the technology. In this video, it sounds like you were busy tying a noose to the rafter. HODL, relax, we have seen this type of market correction/movement time and time again. Your videos need to emanate the excitement about the decentralization and the new technological advancements crypto is making. Buck up!

  6. It looks like a market, smells like a market, it's clear this is a huge beta test market.
    Bitcoin and the shadow coins. Quit pretending to take a knowledgable approach.
    This is like buying an old silver mine, banking on finding some missing veins.
    The real danger is world governments sucking the life out of crypto. Just know
    you can outfox them if you make a move.

  7. hey remember when Nice Hash got hacked for like 60 something mil? well what if the hackers are cashing out rn and that is what is causing the market to crash lol

  8. Get off twitttteer. Its like bookface, googel, and YouPoop. They will take you out if you keep spreading the truth. The leftist can't handle the truth and will take Altcoin Buzz out sooner than later.

  9. Jeff sounded much more positive when he was shilling shit coins, now that the market is going down the toilet there's little to shill. Sad face.

  10. Jeff, Thank you….I have been sooo excited about this, until I discovered the existence of some of my worst fears…that they have to show you in movies, by giving us a choice,then ridiculing it so we believe it doesn't exist…but there is a robot that became a citizen in Saudi Arabia last year and knowing what drives the ones that are out for only their own gain, therefore, not ours….being controlled by them like they do us? Bless Your Sweet Beautiful Heart, Jeff😊Thank you, So Very Kindly 😊

  11. we are still in the 1% so we are fighting for the undervalued crypto already to some people even though most projects aren't even running or have a product. it will be a nice day if we ever see money from old investors start taking crypto seriously.

  12. Trading strategy always goes back to those old, but true, adages…
    The trend is your friend
    Buy low….sell high
    Buy dips…sell peaks
    Buy when everyone else is selling…Sell when everyone else is buying.
    Parabolic curves always end badly.
    And right now especially….HODL!!!

  13. Look at the last few videos from trevon james they make complete sense,,i want it keep going down as can buy bitcoin and main coins as mass adoption full integration is way off..People who bought in early are stressing im not i want it down buy more establish more.

  14. Exchanges stop getting people sihn up,well maybe that's why the herd not came.They came and could do nothing.Only wait and looking the prices go up.Looks very amateuristic then.Like a lambo, of which you can only step in the gas-plum 10%.

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