Cryptocurrency “Crash”, NAV Coin Roadmap 2018, Bitcoin NBA Tickets (Crypto News 01/16/18)

My Cryptocurrency Dip Analysis: Chinese New Year reddit post:


  1. I would say there are two reasons for the donwturn.Chinese people taking money out for new year,which causes panick in the new “investors”.The other is all the people “invested” in Bitconnect losing trust in the marker and going out.That is enough to get the ball rolling and get all the idiots out of the market which is healthy.Ofcourse they will be back at the next ATH.

  2. Sounds kind of dumb altogether. Chinese doesn't make up 90% of the market and a whale didn't buy up every single coin. I think people are just leaving now. Fear has set in. It's not the New Year as Crypto Club believes he just wants to reassure so he doesn't lose all his money!!!

  3. This happens whenever there is a huge rise in price and people start selling off and it's domino effect through panic selling herd mentality and so on. It will rise again. It's just the way these things go. It happened back in July when bitcoin hit all time high as well as ETH.

  4. You are totally right. Too much in stake (technology and money wise).
    All the parties (small investers, governments and corps) involved have benefit out of it I humbly think. Hand in hand with techbology advancement that is unstopable, worst case scenario: ban+it bursts=only the strongest +handful survive and we go from scratch. The ones that didn't sellout would again count the earnings.

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