Cryptocurrency Bull Run Incoming? | Why I Bought NANO!

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  1. Bro I bought 14 raiblocks back in dec/Jan on bitgrail.. my wallet is showing I only have 2.9 . I have almost 12 that are GONE.. do you know what's going on… I sent a message to bitgrail twitter waiting for reply. I'm pissed af…

  2. I identify with your process, ususally i also buy coins and HODL to them because is what i do. I'm unable to day trade i'm more a long term investor.
    In my case i sold my NANO and reinvest the profit into COLX. I like mostly the big cap coins but i also like to take some risks here and there.

  3. Not going to trade myself, but I am willing to hold for the long term. buy small amounts at the right time, then wait for the bull run to start, I don't think we are too far off from the upcoming bull run, but it will still be an interesting couple of months coming up.

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