Cryptocurrency & Bitcoin: The Bullish Case

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  1. I read about fomo3D s few days ago, which lead me to reading about Snowdividends. I found I had an ethereum lying around that I was going to buy elastos with back before everything crashed, so me being the impulsive person I am, decided to yolo and spend half the ethereum on Fomo3D keys and half on Snowdividends. After 4 days I have earned ~1USD (0.0023 eth) with FOMO3D, but have tripled my initial investment after reinvesting in Snowdividends. This is because Snowdividends offer a 20% cut on deposits and withdrawals for dividends, and the snow acts like P3D so you can sell it later. I think Snowdividends started ~4 days ago and now has ~750+ ethereum in the contract balance compared to Fomo3Ds 21600+ ethereum in the pot. COnsequently, Snowdividends has a lot of room to grow if you get in early and it blows out to anything like Fomo3D. It also has a 3-tiered referral system in-built. Defs recommending DYOR and not copying me who has essentially blindly jumped in, but if anyone is interested, check out the link!

  2. always watch your videos and have been following your channel since December . I appreciate the work you put into this space and will continue to support all your content.

  3. I wouldn't be surprise if CBOE is lobbying to have their ETF launch first and be the most trusted (supposedly giving the market a perception that the SEC had disapproved previous ETF requests) and then approve the Winklevoss ETF to further pump the CBOE ETF to oblivion.

  4. I think cliff high's computer bot might have been picking up on the upcoming EOS 100 dollar party in San Diego with kent. I Love EOS and Bitcoin. Thanks Omar Love to watch your vids. been a follower for a long time.

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