Cryptocurrency / Bitcoin Bear Market Coming?! | CNBC Fast Money

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  1. The bitcoin bear market started 5.5 months ago when it topped out at $19,666 and dropped to the current $7,700 and has just been moving sideways ever since. Where have you been in the last 5.5 months??????
    We thought all of you CNBC talking heads have been following the decline of the bitcoin market????

  2. Damn you have some nice video content keep it up playa! Maybe don’t do so many “is it the right time videos” and maybe start talking about news around the space or something like that. Just a suggestion tho!

  3. Bittrex, a digital currency exchange, recently wrote to its users warning that their accounts could be suspended if they banded together into “pump groups” aimed at manipulating prices.

  4. My strategy is still buy and hold for me, 7000 seems like a support but I'm totally not sure. There's still a lot uncertainty in the market, and blowing through 10k would be hard I think.

  5. Putting every speculation aside, Bitcoin is never going to see the highs of Dec 17 because the only people left in the crypto market will never keep buying above 6 to 7k, and all the dumb money learned their lesson when they bought BTC at 18 or 19k and then didn't really make any money or probably lost money. Then you ad all the regulation that's certain to be coming, tax, etc and suddenly crypto become less and less like this great alternative to the traditional markets and I believe whatever is left of crypto will be nothing more than a cheaper way for traditional banks to move funds while they keep or raise fees to the consumer.

    Thanks for your videos.

  6. heard every kind of excuses for btc being down lol. chinese new yr, manipulations, regulations, bans, sec, consensus ….bla bla. just stop already and go back to our normal lives.

  7. "When you have to do a 300 page tax return to report 35 dollars in gains, something is fucked up with the system."-Andreas Antonopoulos. Add to that the accredited investor requirements for everything else and you have shit for a market. Screw this let them eat cake bullshit.

  8. Lol,been in a bear market for months ..and who worries about paying Tax??? If I make a million profit i will happily hand over my capital gains to the Tax man..

  9. Google search declined by the people that were curious about Bitcoin when it was running to it's ATH. Most of those people don't own any bitcoin. If you people do some research there are only around 30 million involved with Bitcoin. There is a huge room to grow since we have around 7.5 billion humans in the planet. Even i we get only 1 billion people to get involved with crypto in the next 5 years bitcoin will surely hit 1 million dollars.

  10. I dunno why but I think CNBC coverage of Bitcoin is too showy, too short of an analysis, they have like 2 or 3 mins interviews, I dont think its a healthy coverage that teaches you anything, just a lot of noise.

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