Crypto Weekly | Twitter CEO on Bitcoin being a global currency, Bitcoin price $30K by EOY, EOS

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  3. Great review and update as usual Beau. If you haven't seen this, search this on youtube, anyone into crypto will love this, "Thomas Lee Presents The Economics of Cryptocurrencies | Upfront Summit 2018" incredible analysis and insight by Lee and Fundstrat.

  4. Is there a website or pdf available to download that has minable coins along with its algorithm cause its as pain in the arse to research one coin at a time via coinmarketcap and Google is no bloody help either all I get is ads

  5. Every bit of news , it seems someones desperate out there to make some attachment that Bitcoin will save the World , more likely a minority of Whales , that are somehow better than Bankers and us Peasants can be happy with .00000000 of a Bitcoin because of limited Worldwide supply of 21 million , millions missing already , no one knows who Satochi is , Bitcoin tether auditors shown the door likely fraud , Illegal child porn images found on some of Bitcoins Blockchain , sounds Wonderful , make Elite Whales Richer …

  6. Looking forward to the Trezor vid. Can you point out some things specifically for Aussies in terms of selling? Transferring, converting ect. most cost effective way avoiding fees? Cheers!

  7. Thanks so much for the update, do you think usdt or digix dao can still be used to hedge against down trend in the future. If not, than what hedging method do you recommend?

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