Crypto Weekly | Ethereum to hit $15,000?! ETH News, Acorn Collective & BIG YT’ers into Crypto!

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  1. Another thing to point out with Casey Neistat is his new project "368".
    He recently had talks with Jack Conte the founder of Patreon as one of Casey's visions for 368 is to help grow smaller channels. Casey also recently had a meeting with Alexis Ohanian which now becomes more interesting that they both have crypto interests so a good chance "368" will have some crypto component to it imo

  2. From $650 to $15,000? haha. Hilarious news, only to find out much later that Ohanian misspoke! However I care less as I have a couple of brokerage firms I trade with of which most benefiting is itradeslive. com getting steady earnings by trading with them to make more of ETH. This week my investment of $5,000 barely 1 month old made a whooping $6,500 worth of ETH due to this sudden rocketing price to $800 and predictions to reach $1,500 before the year ends.

  3. Its gr8 that ur back away
    And awsome u getting this job thingy in crypto
    Also cool is those youtuber u mentioned that another bloody invest i gotta follow
    Thanks bro ill watch ur vids any day of the week 👍👍👍👍👍

  4. Welcome to Melbourne brother glad the weather was nice for you. RMIT and eosphere are going to try and become a block producer for EOS i think i heard last night. They will get my vote for sure go Melbourne 👍. Lets make it the most crypto liveable city aswell😎 Im still all in on eos and can't wait for the main net launch. What a time to be alive.

  5. There is no way Ethereum will ever hit 15k. Start ups would not be able to build new apps on the platform if it were that expensive. Ethereum is not bitcoin.

  6. Man I had so much respect for you… I really thought this was one of the best channels out there! However, backing Casey? Are you kidding me? Hes a joke in and of it self and then you help push his narratives? No more… Good luck

  7. Great review as usual! Not sure if you have reviewed this one, 'HACKEN', very interesting and much needed project. I think you will appreciate what these guys are doing.

  8. You said: "Firefox, which WAS an older browser which WAS very popular" just want to add Firefox is still one of the best browsers on the market and does a great job of giving users more control of their data and tracking!

  9. 15k ETH not gonna happen this year but i can see it happening within 2 years. What are your thoughts of Loopring (LRC)? as it is 80% of my portfolio. It had a good run up in the last week. Always enjoy watching your uploads. Cheers from Gold Coast.

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