Crypto: The GOOD, The BAD and The UGLY. Jeff Berwick at Blockchain Summit London

Jeff Berwick delivers the goods at the London Blockchain Summit Nicely produced video courtesy of the London Blockchain Summit: …


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  2. I'll be honest with you since the fanboys/girls clearly won't… if you divagate too many times and lose your audience, maybe just try to gently guide them back instead of turning on them with subtle insults to their intelligence.
    Maybe I'm just noticing it because that's something I've also had to work on (not getting frustrated [triggered] by perceived stupidity or the willful ignorance of others), but that's my read on it.

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  4. Jeff Berwick is fast becoming one of the few people in this space actually worth listening to. As for humanity, and the prospect of a more transparent and equitable future – not just in terms of finance, but also governance and democracy in general – good fucking luck with that. Established power already has a stranglehold, and they’re tightening the grip. To think, as some do, that the fight for freedom and basic civil liberties is advancing (even winning), is pure fantasy.

  5. Jeff, important question for you please, Christine Ortho wrote: Burning man is highly satanic! Apparently JB thinks that's the same as anarchy and it's ok. Very dangerous ideas that he is selling here under the guise of "freedom"… The entire Silicon Valley big guy cabal is going to Burning Man and they are all part of the NWO sell-out group. Either Jeff is extremely naive or is doing this disinformation stuff on purpose. What say you Jeff Berwick?

  6. JEFF — You don't even come *CLOSE* to the "ugly" part of crypto.
    You are correct about the "most destructive, criminal scam on humanity" — Central Banks.
    But one horrible problem is NOT resolved with something that is 100-times worse.

  7. You are a hero Sir. You never sugarcoat the truth, and you have a way of telling it with such power that people listening know and feel deep into their core that whatever you are saying is of upmost importance.

  8. Thanks for another great talk, Jeff. I opt for a public ledger because it enables many things that you simply can't do when you have privacy-by-default. There are a lot of applications for open trackability. I understand your concerns about governments, and I share them, I'd rather do without. But some of us do value social responsibility. And what better way to establish that than a public ledger? That's why the open permissionless blockchain. We the people can have our privacy, and the causes we support can be held accountable.

  9. 8:40 Bitcoin will have privacy as a feature on top of the public ledger. This way you can have privacy when you want it, at a marginal cost yes, but privacy is valuable. Governments basically know everything we do today. We can get privacy back with Bitcoin, but let's do that in a way such that *we know everything that our institutions do*. Governments, institutions, companies, let them earn our trust by being auditable!

  10. Bitcoin is the best shot we got, privacy can be implemented later. All privacy coins are centrally controlled, that is a weak point that will be exploited sooner or later. Noone controls Bitcoin that has been proven time and time again.

  11. Nice job Jeff. We need to unite to complete this movement instead of talking FUD. If you're spreading negative comments on any coin publicly you're still in the mind control. Remember the real enemy here. Divided we fall!!

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