Crypto Summit 2018 | Tim Draper: Investing in Crypto – Lessons Learned

Tim Draper (Draper Associates/DFJ/Draper University) at Crypto Summit 2018 in Zurich, March 28. #CryptoSummit #Blockchain #ICO #SMARTVALOR …


  1. Government is not legitimate. Government only exists because of it's monopoly on the use of violence and it's propaganda that convinces people of it's legitimacy. Take away the violence and it's no longer government. Put simply, YOU do not have the right to initiate violence therefore YOU do not have the right to delegate it either. You not can give what you don't have. Not to your neighbor, not to a cop and certainly not to Donald Trump. Government authority is a myth and an illusion perpetrated by a small group of criminals 200 plus years ago, who conspired, by calling themselves government, to violently rule over all others. By all I mean the whole world. 600 US military bases in over 100 countries proves this fact not to mention the hundreds of millions of dead humans because of this violent superstition. If you believe in self ownership, peace and consensual engagement of humanity then it's time your honest with yourself and consistent in your morality by giving up the belief in an archaic system based on violence and theft. Giving up the belief in government is no different then giving up the belief in Santa Claus. You'll get over it, I promise…..

  2. Can anyone see the irony of discussing a world and economic system based on technology when the conference championing the whole thing can't even make a freakin' Skype call efficiently. Says a lot

  3. Regulation can fuck right off. If you're too stupid to look after your own money and avoid scams then it is financial darwinism. Let's leave the stupid behind to fend for themselves fuck all this participation trophy bullshit. We can create a dumbfuck island for anyone who doesn't own bitcoin by 2020 and let them turn that shit into a mad max island while the rest of us live in the future 😋😤

  4. If Tim Draper buys an altcoin everybody buys the same altcoin then he dumps it. what an easy way to get richer, no wonder he wears a bitcoin tie. People are so stupid, coins have no usability.

  5. It is funny hey? and I see this kind of "neglect" with a lot of American politicians as well…ROTTEN TEETH GALLORE! WASSSSSUUUUP WITH THAT? Can't afford to go to the dentist???

  6. Is it hard to listen to Tim when his fake eyebrow is barley hanging on? Funny how distracting it is for me. Wish he just glued them down better. lol

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  8. Regulation is what we need! Which particular regulations are we supposed to be against? Scam companies should all be destroyed in my opinion and I love it when they go down.
    Tax islands are, for the most part, stealing all your money. Don’t be fooled now you have some.

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  10. we need control.
    And if we don't have control we are just going to twerk and put gold teeth..
    when saying we dont need control, maybe you.. but the 80% still need it.

    facts are facts
    we are not ready for free-dumb.

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