Crypto Point Review App – Fake Cryptocurrency Signal Platform (SCAM)

Earn $700 Dollar consistently. Visit➡️ This Crypto Point Review confirms that cryptopoint is a scam. There is no information …


  1. Opened a account with 500 euro worked out is was not for me and put in a request for a refund back to my credit card maybe 5 days later money was back in my card no problems . I did not take up an offer from the broker for extra funds because I think you have to make 40x your investment before you can withdraw your profit ??? Not 100% sure how that worked you can read about in the terms and conditions .

  2. I left a message below your last video about these people at cryptopoint. They told me they trade on "Crypto currencies only" but the lady who was supposedly training me, advised me to make trades on the Doller against other nation currencies such as AUSTRALIA DOLLER The £ the € and Gold and silver.. every single trade lost and I mean ever trade she got 100% wrong. It's sad to know my money has been stolen again.

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