Crypto On Twitter! Bitcoin To $1 Million & Vitalik Buterin

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  3. People who think Bitcoin is going to 1 million by 2020 is just stupid. No way it will happen. He and other "experts" just thowing insanely high or low numbers to get media attention. Just look at Bitmex CEO who changed his 50k Bitcoin 2018 prediction to 2k Bitcoin prediction. All about getting attention. You dont get coverage if you predict a 30k Bitcoin by end of 2020.

    I see we hitting around 60k in 2020, and that is almost 10X from current price which we should be very happy with. Maybe 100k but very unlikely any higher than that.

  4. Macafee? = POS Better question is whether he wants hot sauce on his cock sandwich he promised when BTC doesn't reach 100K by end of 2018. Get the cameras ready pump and dumper.

  5. 1m bitcoin..ahhhh no. Do the math and workout what market cap would be. It'd be like…a quarter of all the world's money, not including other coins. McAfee needs to install an antivirus for his brain.

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