Crypto News | Market Shows Signs of Recovery. 50 Different Bitcoin Forks In 2018!

Will be doing a livestream today or tomorrow talking about the current state of the market, some trends I’m noticing that are likely to continue moving forward, and some interesting coins that…


  1. Hello traders ever since i contacted Mr Williams i have seen a great change in my life,thank you Mr Williams for helping me with your amazing strategy ,may God bless you sir i now trade without fear of loosing trades, i bet you, there is nothing better than a winning strategy.

  2. What's stopping Tether from using the BTC they acquired to manipulate the BTC price, for example buying and selling BTC to themselves? If so, are we feeding the machine that is going to destroy us buy trading BTC to USDT? This sounds conspiratorial, but that's not my intention, just trying to figure it out.

  3. Take profits ???? I don't get this methodology. If you have to babysit your investment and micro-manage it on a daily basis, it is not an investment, its a job. This is complete rubbish. I don't want to waste my time looking at the market everyday, I want to set it and forget. When I rent out one of my houses, do you think I drive by every 5 hours, no… that's because its a real investment. The idea of stop losses is even more of a rubbish idea. To be able to make "stop losses" means you have to leave your crypto in an exchange, that is one of the silliest ideas in the world. Who in their right mind leaves there coins and tokens on the exchange? Exchanges are the weakest link and one of the easiest ways to loose everything.

  4. Hi James, thanks for the videos, very informative. With regards to the forks, is it only on a paper wallet that your bitcoin will benefit? What about hard wallets or some still on the exchange?

  5. I tune in every day. Really appreciate the information. 🙂 The only problem I have is getting all the way through your vid without snoozing out. You have a voice like my former Calculous prof that puts me to sleep almost instantly. You could double your income reading childrens' stories… LOL Anyhow, keep up getting solid info to us without any of the hype.

  6. hey james, I was curious about when a good time is to take a profit. only a couple months into crypto, i'm having a hard time telling whether something is either over or under valued. is there a certain percentage you look for when taking a profit i.e +20%, +30%? would greatly appreciate any feedback my friend! keep making these awesome informative vids!

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