Crypto News – Feb 5 2018 – Bitcoin Crash Today and Price Prediction

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  1. Here's a dumb idea, but could it work for us little people. Randle, you have about 75k subscribers and friends with a lot too. What if we selected a cheap ICO or Alt coin and secretly planned a day where everyone at one time bought $100 worth. Lets just hypothetically say all 75k subscribers did that, that would be 7.5 million invested into one in a single moment. Is this a way we the people could manipulate the market to our favor??? curious to anyone's thoughts.

  2. Lower lows, lower highs.. I'm out, waiting for the bashers to get tired of crushing cryptos and then ill buy back in… Can't fight so many headwinds, no matter how many believers there are out there.

  3. I like your videos man, but I gotta say the hot chick thumbnails initially put me off. You have good information to share, you don't need the chicks. But hey, I like your style. Thanks for sharing

  4. The bitcoin community is an interesting one. I have some friends who are well intentioned people who have invested, and speculated in the space. As an observation of the broader community, it seems to be a lot of guess work. These experts make youtube videos about the newest ICO or coin, and talk about why its going up. They clearly have very little understanding of the underlying technology, or how a business operates in general. For example, one persons thesis for an ICO was that it would disrupt a niche segment of transfer of goods and services. Despite knowing 0 about this area, they knew it was going to over throw it without so much as any type of analysis.

    Lots of snake oil salesmen out there right now. not worth it.

  5. RxEAL (RXL) one of the best ICOs out there. Great idea, great team, great whitepaper, great site … e.t.c. You want to make profit when the market is falling : Invest in ICOs. ez :D.
    Randall why don't you make a review of this ICO ^^

  6. Omisego's decentralised ETH Plasma exchange is the game changer. Joseph Poon is an architect of the network. OMG is the best use case opportunity in the crypto sector. tick tock…

  7. Everyone, the whole crypto market cap just went back to what it was early Dec, so you guys who got in before Oct last year, are perfectly safe….
    When stock market crashes, they literally rolled back years and took years/decades to recover. So be optimistic!!!

  8. You know, I must admit, you are an awesome and super positive dude! Regardless of what's going on, you continue to stay positive and making these great videos!
    While I wanna cry on the floor like a baby, after watching your video I do feel better!! 🙂

  9. So what no one in China can't use a VPN or TOR? It will be funny to see what the Govt will do when they realize that the amount of people breaking the crypto laws in China is so immense that they can't so shit

  10. Too late for Crypto, it already has a negative stamp on it's back. The ones who bought and lost will not return and there will be no new clients. That brings us to the safe conclusion that shitcoins will never rise again. They might for a while just for te whales to take your money again. Then again if you are dumb enough to invest again in this scam you deserve to be separated from you money.

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