Crypto News – Feb 26 2018 – Nano Dent Reddcoin

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  1. Hi dude, completely agree Bitcoin Cash would be kinda irrelevant after lightning and segwit but do you think it will totally disappear from the market? I am sure with the huge marketing spend Roger and his crew are putting behind BCash that it will defintiely gain some supporters.

  2. Randall, I'm trying to consolidate my alts so that I'm more heavily invested in BTC and ETH. But it's hard to do. How do you let go of certain alts you've been with for a long time?

  3. Randall, nice video, but you completely forget about MINTcoin.
    Did you saw what's happenig aroud it in social media?
    How volume is getting higher on cryptopia?
    It's awesome to to have it bought by 8 sato 😀 I am lucky guy!

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