Crypto News- Bitcoin- Litecoin- Ethereum- (2018 July)

Let’s dive in and take a look at the news for top digital and cryptocurrencies. These decentralized wonders, Ethereum, Bitcoin Litecoin Neo and the like, see …


  1. Loving this balanced outlook! The Bear’s back!!😁
    So sick of hearing BS about how shitty the ALT space is, and the only true break is a BTC break…..
    These comments are made by friggin poker players, NOT investors trying to win a few swings on the way up while maintaining investment!
    And that’s fine, but know you are taking long term advice from poker players…..😉

  2. honestly LTC really has no use. It moves up and down the same as BTC since joining the lightening network and DGB moves faster for a lower fee then LTC. So LTC was good when it came out but now there are better options.

  3. so glad to be able to hear your thoughts on the future of currencies and life in general as well, the personal aspect adds as much value to the human transaction as money does to a goods trade. We (Mike Snow) and I truly appreciate all that you offer as a human sharing this planet for a while. Hope to meet in person someday maybe. If you ever are keen to visit Uruguay, we will make a space for you and be sure you have anything you need whilst here. Thanks again for the gift of YOU.

  4. Gochain to the moon! Gochain is a coin that promises to be a new Blockchain Etherium 100x faster, 10x less decentralized and 1000x less power consumption.
    That buying Gochain today will be the same as buying Etherium years ago.

  5. But dear brother Bear, you say as we grow. But it only goes down. I want to believe and grow with it, the technology is good, progress is being made, but it seems that the money printers and their stooges have a tight grip on BTC, they manipulate it to ridiculous prices, scaring the most people away, MSM is owned by them, spreading fear and misinformation. They have their hands in the exchanges also, and I think that's why they keep BTC as main unit of accounting. In this context, when do you think, and if, a real decoupling from BTC can occur? Or if not, is the cryptocurrency destined to slowly bleed and fail? I really appreciate an answer. Thanks.

  6. Dent is one of my favorite projects right now. Still waiting for Pillar to do something. Digibyte? Sia? What’s you opinion on any of these. These are just a few alt coins I’ve purchased. Still waiting for LTC as well.

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