1. James thanks for the video, however since crypto mainly follows the stock market in general what makes you think that if we have a market crash that people will put their money in crypto instead of gold? Thanks

  2. Amazing vids have been subscribed since Jan pretty much and still awesome,

    You probably covered it but what are your thoughts on the Wall Street Market Cycle and that we are nearly at the "Depression phase" of the cycle right before a mega bull run?

    Thanks James

  3. Hi James I like your videos no BS _ – Please whats your opinion on XRP – It has so many partners and possible use as a base currency – why does it keep dropping – no way are people selling it so why the drop!! Ps Any thoughts on ETN – I really like it and have lots I believe this is a real goer long term. Thanks Jas

  4. You should have told that bell end Branden to shut up when he told you to speak slower etc. If he can't speak English then that is his fault. Your accent and the way you speak is fine, as it is straight to the point and easy to listen to. Branden is probably a 10 year old French boy, who is still learning his English ABCs.

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