Crypto Markets Nose Dive, Extreme Price Manipulation And The $24,000 Bitcoin

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  1. I'm from Iran, and wanet to tell you that there are no exchanges in iran, all these prices comes from private parties selling over the price because there is no other way to get BTC, BUT, we never hear anything about national crypto that is starting here !

  2. The same people that create the issues in the crypto space are going to be the same people that appear to come to the rescue of all investors. Create a problem, let the people panic and then bring them a resolution and become the victor. Even though your the same entity that created the hysteria.

  3. The market is going to dip a little bit more for a little bit longer. This is just people behind the scenes jockeying. If you believe GS was really planing on a trading desk, then changed on a dime and called it fake news, chances are you really believe in political figures.

  4. If this kind of manipulation is going to be an ongoing thing then you may as well cut your losses during the next pump because nobody will be coming into crypto, total BS how horribly manipulated the market is.

  5. Mr modern investor…i think you are one of the most fascinating people i have ever come across. I cant thank you enough. I would love to interview you…i have no idea where i'd start. But i know many out there would love to hear from you personally. We Can never thank you enough for your efforts!

  6. $$$ Not a pro by any means, but it looks like BTC may go back down to $6000.00 at lest one more time. I THINK THE BULL RUN IS SOO CLOSE!! – Bear rug anyone?😉 $$$

  7. Well said about tech analysis and the cop out @13:00. Sadly it think these are the types of youtubers who cause more damage to crypto. As they compare previous bull runs and compare charts and bla de bla and to the the normal person they believe the utuber and sadly fomo.
    Fomo is a mofo

  8. I honestly think you have made some great calls recently. Specially Raiden Network, you pointed me to that (yes did my own research and was convinced by what they were trying to do, I acknowledge that it was my decision to invest in it). You mentioned raiden when it was around 0.35 cents till right before the market crash it was almost 0.6 USD which is great returns within a span of few weeks. So thank you, and I really like you channel and train of thoughts.

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