Crypto Market RALLY – Daily Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency News

Big rally today for Bitcoin and the rest of the altcoins. Are we heading into bull country soon? Is this rally going to hold? Tune in and find out the latest Bitcoin …


  1. Hahaha "3 years from now when btc 100k + we are laughing at the same thing" I was actually thinking that a second before you said, with a little alteration. We will be laughing at his reddit that turned into a meme.

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  3. Great work, as usual, George ! Thanks for making it less painful to remain steadfast ! Question ? Many people feel that when BAAKT comes to market, the response will be much bigger than the approval of a BTC ETF ! I agree with that. What do you believe ?

  4. Interesting the changes that the bitcoin is having every day, is a form of game. the cryptocurrency every day is advancing every moment. Sometimes you have to find more information to invest.

  5. LTCfam/summit it is! wow lets go guys! full FOMO!
    Btw, Skype is a hacking program. Just by aceepting a random call from someone, they can get all your information and hack your ip. skype is a open firewall.

  6. Can you speak to the altcoins that have sustained through this last crash? In my case VeChain that I bought at.7 cents has really held itself up in the last month. There seems to be some altcoins that won't be run outta town. EA VeChain….

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