CRYPTO July MANIA (Flood Gates Open) triggered by June Stock PLUNGE! (Bo Polny)

IMPORTANT CHARTS at the 49-minute mark*** PRIVATE INTERVIEW date was June 5 and was released to our PRIVATE SUBSCRIBERS the same day.


  1. Bo, I was very impressed that you mentioned that your monthly report is for day traders and not necessarily for those who hodl.
    You didn't try to push people into buying your report. Very impressed with your honesty, thank you and God Bless, it's very refreshing to see a Christian in this market.

  2. The Truth Silver to gold is 1:10 $1.00 is a silver dollar $10 is a gold Eagle. God save the minds of people around the world! Evil people are using crypto currencies to keep the average person out of buying gold and silver while the wealthy are buying all the gold and silver.
    Year of Jubilee God will lead the People to get together and go get the gold and silver all around the world and put it out it into circulation again. Because it is the right thing. Plus take all the assets of those who have been robbing the world for the last 100 years. It's the right thing to do. To do Justly, bring justice. Each small town will have individual bank owners, 2 or 3 servicing their towns people. God's way!

  3. Hard to take the interviewer seriously when he dresses like an 11 yr. old boy. I don't like that this bothers me, but it does. Call me old fashioned, but I was raised to dress for the job or position I wanted to attain. Bo is a class act.

  4. Central banks are buying gold
    Russia is buying gold
    China is buying gold
    India is buying gold
    Germany brought it's gold back home
    Sheeple are buying crypto…

  5. why not put together a vid on the blatant price manipulation? Every time BTC hits its downtrend resistance we get fud about the exchanges and what looks to me as obvious correlated concentrated sales of 1000 then 500 over and over again. You can't tell me this is "more sellers than buyers" since anyone with large sale would spread it out as not to affect the overall price. This is clearly a coordinated manipulation. Looks the same every time…

  6. Great content, thank you for the insights. I was wondering if you heard of electroneum. They are out of the UK and are positioning themselves for mass adoption. What are your thoughts on mass adoption?

  7. Thank you, Bo. I have been thinking about signing up. This video helps me have confidence in your services… is there still a run up expected for July??

  8. Trying to figure out the time intervals for the death runs and life runs. He seems to hint daily interval here, but wonder if there are "meta-cycles" that are like four, five or six days each — meaning "runs" of 7 or 8 units (1 down, 6 up; or 6 up and 2 down) — might last a month or five weeks. Don't expect Bo to reveal his secrets but wondering if anyone else has been playing around with this.

  9. This was done June 5th , the low was actually a week later at June 14, gold said it will be at 6th? Idk man looks like market is manipulated and we won't see the bull run gold is saying we will

  10. He had mentioned that the market will go down in a couple of days on June 5th. Then the next week the market took a massive dump on the 11th. He called it. The good news is that he said that would be the last one before it went back up. That’s awesome news. 🤣👍🏼

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