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  1. I cant stress this enough. We need new money to enter crypto. We can not expect a long term bullrun with the same old money in the market. We lost a lot of market cap do to newbies getting burnt in January-February. We need good news that wil bring back the retail investor. This will drive the market cap up. Once this happens. The money on the sidelines will enter too.

    On the institutional side of crypto. I believe the institutions are closely studying the market. They are watching what drives the market up and down. They are planning their entry point. I believe the institutions are not going to play nice and enter the market. Institutions know that the market can be minipulated by one crypto "Bitcoin". Institutions are going to short BTC and create a panic. This will lower the price of alt coins too. Then institutional money will enter the space. Remember institutions are only here to make money. Institutions know all they have to do is manipulate BTC.

    Tone Vays made a going point. There was less then 5% of pro BTC support at Consensus. Most people at Consensus where pro ETH and ICO's This is a bad sign, because BTC moves the market. This is just my opinion & not financial advise.

  2. no tripple bottom that is very unlikely bro your reaching there, most likely just a pull back to around 7750, they we could breach 10 k, thats actually more likely to the RSI nad the TA im looking at bro your a lil too bearish although you had it one when you said it could go either way, then you go and do a whole video about something tha has about a 20% – 30% probability

  3. I think to increase investment in HitBTC, the conditions are excellent, the commission is low. There is a wide choice of coins, you can trade with your phone.

  4. But Kirby where’s the moon? 75000 by the end of May? It can’t go down. Why do you invest in those crap coins? Just joking Kirby! Keep up the good work!! Being a realist is refreshing!

  5. Us retailers need to have some balls. Buy at the dips and bottoms. Fight the damn whales! Moby frikin Dick already! Stop selling when it dips. Pleeeeeaaase! 🙂 ( Not that a big bottom wont be healthy)All that said, because you can see market movement from retailers and youtube watchers and its a lot of chasing this and chasing that run up. Listen to smart traders like Kirb already!

  6. Hey Kirby! Greets from Germany! Actually I never commented on any of your videos, but it has to be said: you are just great! You make me laugh watching your videos, you are just the s***. P.S.: I hope we will see some big green MR. PUMPSKY POTATOE HEADS soon ;D

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