1. Everything that has a beginning has and end, bitcoin will eventually lose it’s dominance, the question is when. Before anyone says anything crypto is here to stay. Great daily videos Kirby

  2. Seems to me, no analysis will EVER understand the human psych completely.. Just look at all these UNEXPECTED revolutions against this, or, the other regime, my prophecy is that people will REVOLT from the current DEPT BS system and just go ALL THE WAY against it with bitcoin! Middle Class, it it up to you! Finally, you can make a change – go for it!

  3. Correct me if I´m wrong but there isn´t only bitcoin as a trading pair. For me as an example I only trade in Ethereum. Or did I overlook sth.? Do actually just most people use bitcoin so that the other trading pairs don´t really count?

  4. GREAT STREAM I MOONED the likes as always – but I miss the kirby who said to me – that if bitcoin went away – a new dominant would appear —
    You said it would just jump ship into a new currency– and we would switch over as it happened. — " you feel me" if I remember the video right–

    So my question is … even with fiat pairs — does the DON become the FIAT// USD again ?

    Or what is the DON — to hedge against this debt based society- and inflated currency?

  5. Bro, youre the chess master of crypto….5 moves ahead of your opponent " the market" and "the future"!! Really glad i found your channel bud!!

  6. when USD will be available to trade on every alt coin pairs on all exchanges that will be the end for the high price of bitcoin ..the huge gap of btc price to altcoin price will balanced out …

  7. Bitcoins value is in those who are invested in it and the scarcity of it. The price will go up because it is scarce. People holding it will give it store of value. The price will increase as it gets closer to being completely mined out. Artificial value is created every day. At least that is what McAfee thinks and he's no dummy. I also see your point too Kirby so it will be interesting to see what happens. The value as a trading pair will disappear as you say so it will have to stand as artificial value. Unless there is a strong practical use on the blockchain. I respect your opinions a lot but I am not a sheep as some of your followers obviously are. Can't avoid attracting those.

  8. Was polishing gold crowns while listening to this, working with gold is amazing. If I ever make it will by shit loads of gold to make golden Pepes.

  9. I'm pretty sure that bit main is going to allocate 51% of its hash power to bring ELA's network online. Also I don't think it's a coincidence that ELA is going to pretty much be pegged to BITCOINS blocks.(or something like that) it's going to grow along side being mined along side of bitcoin. I think bitcoin is going to dwindle due to the reasons you speak of but I also think they are already putting in place what's going to take its mining hash. ELA. Jihan Wu, founder of Bitmain (bitcoins biggest miner)
    It appears that Jihan Wu & other Associates with Bitcoin Cash; Roger Verr & John McAfee are grouping together to take 50% of the global hashing power of Bitcoin and use it to secure/mine the Elastos network. Please refer to last 10 minutes of the Founder interview – Rong Cheng

  10. I can't sleep putting a stop loss with btc lol because the btc also drops. We need stable coins to be paired with all the coins simple as that.

  11. Kirby Iam making loss exchanging my altcoins with btc in binance because they don't have usdt pairs for most coins therefore I need to convert it to btc then with usdt.
    The exchanges needs leave btc alone and start fiat pair for all coin.
    A true trader will understand what u saying but hodlers will never.

  12. The calm voice of reason. Great job Kirby! You show every day how much that you really know from both a micro and a macro perspective. People really need the kind of education that you provide. Keepin' it real Kirby!

  13. To the average Joe, all we use Bitcoin for is to buy alt coins.
    If the exchanges would accept fiat for alt coins, then I would buy Bitcoin too.
    Until then, bitcoin only serves one purpose.

  14. Dude, the hash power needed for mining will go down, when there are less poeple mining. Because it adjusts automatically, such that every 10 minutes a block is mined.

  15. kirb. did my first ever stop loss on gdax btc last night. Was at 7580. Set stop at 7480. Triggered. Woke up and bought back at 7435 because while sleeping it went back there from 7340. Thought-hey I did good- and I lost like $5 due to fees. At least I didnt lose big. Did I execute well? Thanks

  16. Love your content. You are one of the main guys I listen to. And I will continue to listen to you. But (always a butt in the crowd) I find your tranny voice cringe worthy. I am getting used to it though and by all means you got to be you.

    BTW institutions will not buy BTC solely for its trading pair and they will not be buying shit coins. They will be investing in BTC, ETH, XRP, LTC. BTC will be well above $16k before the next halving and well above 32k for the 2024 halving. Minors will continue to mine profitably.

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