Crypto Goals Moving Forward into 2018 – Altcoins, Bitcoin other Cryptocurrency

In this video, we outline some goals and things to keep in mind moving forward about investing in cryptocurrency and getting to 1 full Bitcoin. Speaking about ICO’s and how typically the volatility…


  1. Ebtc has already got a working ecosystem, direct purchase of crypto true fiat, listed on some big online malls and they look like a communitytoken who are looking for steady grow instead of skyrocketing to the moon and evantually drop

  2. I loved the information! My new goal is to get to 1 BTC well before it hits $50k! I'll see if some friends want to help watch alts.As for your video I would say get to your point about your traveling sooner and talk more news people want their news faster nowadays. Nobody watches 60 minutes anymore lolKeep up the great work!

  3. Thank you for he interesting video.
    I think this will be the year of utility coins, decentralized echanges and privacy coins.
    NEO, NVST and DeepOnion are my favourite ones on those respective fields.
    Any thoughts on any of these?

  4. I discovered this channel few minutes ago, and I love it. I am totally new to this and I'll love to try this out. I am from a developing country where there are not many people who talk about this, cuz most people do not have the money to invest. This, I hope, will guide me on what to do. Thanks a lot.

  5. I could agree with that whole concept about not going to college straight out of high school. At least from my experience I had no guidance, thought I knew what I wanted to do. I had a passion I followed it and now its not where I want to be and accumulated over 200 grand in student loans and it put me in a huge hole I couldn't escape. I cant make too much money and I can't make too little money or my loans and taxes will ruin me. So I struggled for years and I still struggle, but now I have a light ahead of me that I've been following and it had nothing to do with my bacheloers or masters degree. And then I found crypto…hoping it can change my life, but I still haven't stopped moving forward in my current goals. Thank you for the little story jeff!

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