Crypto Fire Sale [Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency News]

Crypto Fire Sale [Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency News] – Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency (crypto) news for 3/29/2018. A look at what’s happening with Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple,…


  1. More dominance percentage in Alt coins is NOT showing more confidence in Alt Coins. It's just that there are more coins than there used to be, so overall the percent of the total market in alt is higher. There's like 1600 alt coins on CMC now. In January there were only 1300. The average Alt Coin has still lost ground to bitcoin.

  2. Can someone please give an opinion. I want to buy crypto for the first time. I'm thinking of buying bitcoin in the next few days. Should I wait till it goes lower? My thought is that it will go back up eventually anyway, even if it does continue to go down more after I buy.

  3. Ebay was killed in a matter of months by Alibaba in China, – can't see why eBay will prevail against hard competition. The fees are way too high and online customers are NOT loyal….

  4. In Australian dollars you can see what is happening. $12,200, $11,200, $10,200, $9,200 slow side ways movement always results in going down by $1000 AUD. If it does not kick back straight away we can almost be assured it will go down. At the moment there locking in every bodies money who are buying at each level. Unless you cut your losses. Hopefully those holding at higher rates will keep the market from going down much further. Might be years before the December/January people even come out even. Like most bubbles recovery is ABOUT 2-5 YEARS.

  5. Ethereum's performance again proves what a terrible decision it was when you broke your rule and sold all your bitcoin for ether. That must have cost you a lot as Ether has halved since you did that. Having said that is Ether a good buy now ? I bought my first Ether the other day. Too early though.

  6. Stock market is crashing! This is a major factor. It's possible the bitcoin price will bottom out when the stock market does. Unless people see bitcoin as a haven… which they haven't historically (related to stocks) supposedly.

  7. How do alt coins look good? When Bitcoin goes down they also go down. I can see buying them when they drop but here is the 64,000 question. how do you buy alt coins? Oh that's right you first have to have (Bitcoin, Etherium, Litecoin) and then convert that to an alt coin.
    It's a snake eating it's tail to consume itself.
    If everyone decides to cash in their alt coins what happens to the altcoin market? it dies a horrible death.

  8. More like you better sell your bag like its on fire cause this market is done buddy its over this scam has sucked all the money it can from the stupid and the rich are leaving!

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