Crypto Crashing Today… Why is Market Down? (BTC Price Prediction)

Cryptocurrency News Daily with Crypto Love. Today: Bitcoin sees a turn of events – crashes below $9000 mark. World’s 4th largest crypto exchange Upbit raided …


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  2. In 2018 I saw many positive reviews about the work of HITBTC. The exchange has become much faster to fix the problems of traders and it’s encouraging

  3. There is one thing you constantly forget Randall. Its like when you were shilling on LISK man. You said its a great tech and it will soar after relaunch. And it didnt right? In fact the opposite happened. So why is that? Becuase crypto is not what it used to be. It is full of daytraders now. And they WILL sell if it goes up. No matter what. And just hink about how many people who bought above lets say 12K. Man they cant wait to ragequit their investment as soon as we get back to those levels. So no. No 20K this year and no 30K next year. That just wont happen. We have less and less HODL-ers. Even dinosaur HODL-ers I know are becoming more like general traders these days. You have to understand that 80% of the people are just here for short-term gains. The only way to change this if we could get totally new whale investors who wont sell every time they are 10% up.

  4. I'm starting to think crypto's markets are far too corrupt for me, way too much manipulation. How can we hope for an honest market run up with this Mt. Gox idiot always looming?

  5. also not sure if you saw this headline from cointelegraph —- Bitcoin Loses $9K Support As Markets React To S. Korea Investigation, Mt.Gox Sell-Off, could also have something to do with the prices going down..

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