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  2. Sonm does seem to be a good shout….although most my coins doubled in last month due to speculative market I personally would not use that metric as an indicator….good solid video all the same…very informative

  3. yesterday bytecoin was listed on Binance for 10 cents and the other exchanges were .01 cent hence the surge of people trying to flip for 10x profit

  4. First deposit with $400 unfortunately lost in HitBTC. The second attempt was successful, the deposit doubled. There are a lot of opportunities on the exchange. Got output of 0.1 BTC this week during the day received my deposit in freewallet.

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  6. Do you think any of these prodjects will succeed?? I know Ontology is hyped and I got in at 2 bucks. Should have sold at 11. But if you look at prices last year to this year why couldn't that happen again in the next few years. And hype or not its being touted as a good long term prodject. Or is that all bullshit. Eos is another one. They say eos is going to be huge. The project is going forward. I'm trying to invest.

  7. I actually see a short term instead of long term hodl… buy the rumor sell the news. Buy red sell green. I have a small bag of sonm when you alerted. I'm thinking of buying a little more 😎 btw bnb all the way!

  8. Too much speculation for my taste on SONM…You actually would have done far better if you had gone with their competitor(GNT) which saw a 3x since the april low, following their mainnet!

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