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  1. Alert: there is something fishy going on in the market. Unexplained trading….. my guesses are finally true. There is price manipulation by the big dogs and fakers. Iv tried everything, from patience to buyjng smart, but everything i do seems to go wrong. Confirmed, the market is fishy, and now even the us feds are lookin into it….. im banking and going to stable markets and NOT crypto… unless crypto is going bulls again soooon

  2. Hmm i just realised i have been the gambler 🤔. Trading all my hard earned money only to lose half already. I trying everything but just the stupid market seem to dip as soon as im about to make prfit. Whats goin on.

  3. adhive(adh) is the next generation token AI for advertising and is the only one that exist this would become so huge and its so cheap atm to get it. The advertising world is so big and the technology they use looks so amazing for me this is a hidden gem.

  4. SELL! Once the government regulates it it's biggest advantage (being secure and untraceable) is GONE! Oh and then buy energy stocks as it seems we are going back to at least $90 a barrel

  5. Great clear explanations and observations. I've been struggling to find this kind of information. It's always just handwavy voodoo predictions.

    You've gained a sub

  6. Thanks for this video really helped me out to calm down . Been in this space about 6 months . I don’t trade much but I do hold till I’m more confident to do trades . Currently down less than 15%. Not planning on selling . Would like to dollar cost average if it continues to dip .

  7. Dont miss out. Please look into DTRC Datarius on Bancor. 100% gains daily this week. Still going. You dont have to review but look at it for personal investment. I am subscribed and like all your videos.

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