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  1. Your YouTube channel was Recommended by a good friend. Have to sa I love the non bullshit straight forwarding talk and get down to business attitude. Defo want to be in you elite group. Thanks for all the time and effort your putting in for us.

  2. I don't think that BTC is possible to the moon again. Today appear very much new blockchain better than btc. Like credits with their 1 000 000 tps instead btc with less than 1k tps.

  3. ITS FUNNY EVERY YOUTUBE VIDEO NOBODY LOSES ANY MONEY! Lol i doubt it bet everyone of these crypto video charactors have lost alot of money. I mean come on in that big run up u cant tell me none of u guys bought any thing from august on!

  4. Peepcoin (pcn) is about to surge this privacy coin with instant transfers has some realy great futures and looks like to become the new verge its so cheap to get now and they use the newest technology

  5. Hey Kirby the CoinPoker is smashing right now 6% + up and and I am getting some of those in freeroll Poker tornaments a lot of fish in there so is a win / win situation CHIP IT!!!! See you in the WSOP this year lets get that bracelet ….. No Mickey Mouse !!!! 🙂

  6. It was never going to be good when the financial big boys come into the crypto market. They bring in automated systems that watch trends with rapid fire buy and sell algorithms, which means the swings get bad whenever there is movement either way. It's just going to kill any real growth when computers are buying and selling.

  7. 100% spot on. I have been in markets for many years, from working in stockbroking as a teenager, to most my career in IT trading floor systems at some of the biggest banks in the world. I've been through booms and busts and all sorts. But in all that time I have never seen anything like the mentality of the typical crypto investor. So damn toxic, negative, dumb, f**ked-up, stupid, blind, and all-around clueless about markets and investing. If your usual reaction is to shout "Fud fud fud" every time someone raises a valid criticism of a crypto project ….. well ….. you will lose a lot of money and you fully deserve to. And don't get me started on the "Moon moon" morons !
    Good points Kirby. A lot of people need to wake the f**k up and get educated fast.

  8. ZRX has formed a bad ass chart though. And its a great project anyway. Dang youre such a buy it sell it dont give a crap about the project, no offense. .LOL. Yes we are here to make money, but the crypto space NEEDS surviving, quality projects to give crypto a long term credibility. Love ya though. Im here and listening. im sure you respect someone speaking their honest mind. Also. I labored over selling my POLY at the top(Ive made 4x gains btw). Sold it, bought back in and picked up a little extra and it has gone down, but is sustaining. I am not ashamed to hold a project that i think has some longevity and might be innovative. Yo! Am I right or what?! Yo! go get em champ!

  9. You've changed the whole market for me. No more stress. Always going to bed with a solid stop limit in place. Has me entering many more trades I would never have made until I knew where the market was heading. Know now that's not even possible.

  10. Bitcoin is the only true store of value. The rest, to be honest right now people are waiting to see a first real use product. No institutional, accredited investor is dumb enough to pump up hot air.

  11. I started watching your videos a couple of weeks ago and the mickey voice always made me laugh.. but over the course of the last two weeks you’ve been on point.

  12. I'm not in your VIP but I play on CoinPoker (CHP). Decent software, low traffic for now, Tony G backed it last year and they're about to give away hella CHP through poker tournaments

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