“Crypto Breakout Is Imminent”, EOS Is Officially Live And WalMart Bitcoin Powered Electricity

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  1. Why haven’t you talked about BNB? Out of top 100 it has performed the best since Jan 1st 2018 up 100%. Only 3 other coins are positive Vechain EOS at about 65% and tether at 0.14%. Price is up as everyone else is falling 😂

  2. net neutrality repeal has takin affect last 11th june
    Also etfs not allowed yet
    Bankesters fighting bitcoin like never before
    America is doing price manipulattions and regulations
    Price will test the log scale support at around 4500 k and this glory chance to buy will not come easy it will take time and may see consolidation till end of the year then the big dip unless isps just fucked crypto by panning or throttling crypto sites which is really possible then we will see dip soon like the chaina pann thing
    Or etfs allowed with big volumes and no panning from isps or america then no dips

  3. The FUD has been really getting to me lately with the constant negative news and the downtrend. I bought LTC when it was $35 and XRP when it was .15 so I am still in the profit and I want to keep holding on because I believe in the technology but is it really over?

  4. With Russia using the term 'digital rights' sounds like a legal claim. To me it sounds like they're saying, as a purchaser, you have the 'right' to hold and profit from them, but you will never 'own' them as they belong to the Govt. and as the Govt. 'own' them, they can claim them back as and when they consider necessary.

  5. Interesting points all around! I think institutionalist investors are participating with OTC and I'm sure some have put some money in market but until a little bit more regulation, they wont bite. I think a little bit more regulation would help all around, especially the bad reputation crypto has received in general when "ICO's" like Opair and Ebitz scammed people out of money. It would give new ICO's and projects such as fr8network, Triwer, and Muirfield IP credibility.

  6. Hey mr modern investor are you using telegram? Because I've spoken to a guy bearing your name, your photo and other details and we are about to settle an agreement regarding to youtube videos but I wonder what is your official telegram.
    Oh and he tries to convince me to pay on this address : 1ALyDT2BbDK5TSNfxGrecMm3AvfgUFJkWi.

    Is that you ?

  7. A digital rights would be comparable to mineral rights. Very smart, the rest of the world may do the same with ico. The US is the same with accredited investors in certain asset classes and ico will fit that class in the near future. The Sia token fund in the US this year was only open to accredited US investors.

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