1. all coins are in dip great time to buy?maybe yes, but I'm preferred to buy more altcoins than bitcoin. maybe ill go for undervalued privacy coins like Monero and Dash that have good privacy features but the problem is little bit overpriced and for affordable one maybe like DeepOnion cause it also have good privacy features and anonymity features as well 👍.

    Hopefully you can make some thoughts about it thanks!

    thumbs up buddy 👍

  2. Talking about Total Market Cap, it is not up and down but it is down and all the way down. A glimmer of hope then kick on the nut and again. If you bought bitcoin at 10 grand level & you're at this stage & doesn't bother you then I admire your guts. Sorry to be a dick but it is not a good idea to buy currently, if you buy and it keeps going down then you're losing money, if you buy then it finally popped then you lost all your money. I would buy during continuous uptrend if that ever happen…

  3. Sale daddy I have put in an additional 1500 between the March 16 dip and this weekends marxh 31 dip- only concern is it’s like catching anfalling knife it’s not stopping

  4. hahahahaha I wont say I told you so, cyber currency is over. There is a difference between blockchain to benefit humanity and cypto currencies that are just used for gambling.

  5. BUY, BUY put all your money in cryptocurrency. Also the money from your parents and grand parents. Believe that digital bits and blockchain will raise to 100,000 us$. I am curious who is going to pay that amount for something that has no worth. Speculation an Greed and some stupid talking no knowledge or experience in financial markets.

  6. Thankyou for your 'all-around' yearly perspective on when I might see a 'spike' in Bitcoin. Although I am disappointed that I might have to wait till June, or December,(best to hold till December is the best), it will help me plan ahead and not be so 'over-anxious', so I can relax.

    And if I can find more money, invest in more Bitcoin at this bargain price of 7 grand.
    And then I can focus on other things, like a hobby I am interested in.

    I am appreciative of your experience, and I feel like you are a real friend that I have just talked to; even though we have never met, and never talked.

  7. Are you nuts? These "low" prices are still high compared to the last 7 years. BTC's average price up until 6 month ago was like 1 grand. Now we are at 7 Grand. This is still HIGH. 2-4K price level is where things will consolidate to.

  8. buy the dipski's :). I don't think we can go much lower than low 6's high 5's to be completely honest, but we will see. 5's might be possible for a very very short time. They say be greedy when others are being fearful, and be fearful when others are being greedy – its how millionaires are made. I think we are going to see an unprecedented bull run whenever the next one starts.

  9. I picked up some Neo,Ontology, DragonChain,Stellar,Ncash,Tron and Neblio. Next check I'm picking up Cindicator,Ripple,OriginTrail,Lisk, Electronium and EOS

  10. Your video would make sense if you were talking about the Dow, or companies that actually produce something. Bitcoin is exchanged for fiat currency. That's all it's good for.

  11. I say trade in bottle / can deposits for crypto…. Presently a 5 cent return could purchase 2 ETN… 1 XVG… or 10 cans could get 1 XRP… So let's clean up the environment and get crypto for it! Trade in your bottle and HODL

  12. While you make money?? Lol. Cryptos are experiencing double digit percentage losses weekly. Every week. For months. If you like the prices now, you’re really going to like the prices by summer. BTC may be around $3K. LTC will be around $50.

  13. CREDITS (CS) made a pretty nice fight ,,,, invested in it and not worrying @ all,,, still have my bunch of ETH/BTC and of course ETN,,,, next on the list : substratum, we power, polymath,,,, THE SHOW MUST GO ON

  14. Is cryptocurrency seasonal? I don't think so.
    This is probably not a terrible time to buy bitcoin but I see the market falling a little more. The price chart demonstrates a classic bubble. The speculative phase is now over.
    The market will follow the a similar pattern to the Nasdaq bubble. That took five years to recover to the bubble high. Crypto needs to have more mainstream adoption and actual use cases before the price goes up. Wall Street won't really get involved until there is regulation. They will be terrified of getting sued.
    As for buying altcoins I just don't see it. Even Ethereum's coding is full of holes. As for the others no one knows as they are largely untested. Who will actually use them? I guess most of them will disappear. I am sure there are some with a real use casebut who knows which.

  15. I couldn't agree with you anymore. I don't understand why everybody is freaking out and selling. Time to sit back, lap it up and accumulate some more crypto. Thank you for your informative common sense view of the crypto world. Loving the videos mate.

  16. It's not too late to invest! We all can be crypto happy. Honestly, just buy for the long run. There are too many people day trading right now. You guys could go on posting mindless videos about it could go up. Could go down. No, I'm telling you buy now and HODL.

    This is the best book on crypto period.

  17. Hey there… whenever anyone says it’s best time to buy when crypto market is down, is there any possibility of cartel trading… that has the potential of bringing BTC price down to 1000$… which is really very very dangerous… if you have any knowledge about the same, please make the community aware… it will be really very helpful to the masses, thus saving their hard earned money… please spread awareness…

  18. It wont go up minimum 2 weeks more, just down. Until Easter pass. Dont make people lose their money anymore, its already enough of negative energy…

  19. Why the market so low, so slow?
    I always check the Coin market cap, and Bitcoin dominance,which is $303 Billion and 44.9% right now. Bitcoin can't move until either rises.
    Is it tax time in the US right now? Believe it could be in the UK and believe it was 31st March deadline in China. This may explain why April is a slow month for crypto? Just my opinion.

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