Criminal Politician Clinton Won 6 Coin Flips To Take Iowa

In this video Luke Rudkowski details the absurd but yet real life news of coin flips, voter intimidation and fraud during the Iowa Caucus. The sources mentioned in this video are linked below…


  1. This Cunt shouldve been placed in Prison yrs ago. and here she is running for President, And to think there's dumbfucks out there in Liberalville that are voting for her is unbelievable, She's a Unified Liar, Thief, Corrupt bitch that has blood on her hands, Bill shouldve also been locked up for money laundering/Pardoning career felons for a kickback

  2. Canada and other countries have pretty much what Bernies talkin about,And have for years,U.S.,politicians are sucking cock of the corporations,,who in turn are fucking you in the A$$..

  3. coin tosses??? how embarassing…. you would have to be dumb, deaf and blind to not see that this whole the system is bogus… its a sham.
    The problem is they actually get away with it day after day. All we can do is make YouTube videos and hit LIKE when we agree… Praying and Hoping for some positive changes. God bless America

  4. Winning 6 coin tosses in a row is extraordinarily rare, and only has a 1.6 percent probability of occurring.
    Wonder why people think Clinton is a liar AND a cheat….

  5. Really there's no difference in who is sitting at the oval office…
    Jew_Mafia_Banksters Run the USA and the Planet from A to Z…
    What we need is to erase all and start from scratch…
    A World Without jews in the horizon…

  6. Just like ALL of the Elite, Hitlery is a Psychotic Sociopath who CANNOT see that she is a Liar, a Cheat, a Fraud, and a Murderer. She has NO human empathy, sympathy or loyalty to ANYONE not within her circle of Fellow Psychotics. In her MIND she is doing the right thing for the Good of Humanity……Just like Hitler did……

  7. If Hillary wins then Russia will now have to re-activate it's vast arsenal of scalar weaponry technologies as well as it's 55,000 plus TSAR Bomba 50 megaton to 55 megaton up to 100 megaton warheads tipped missiles, both land based in silos, on mobile launchers, submarines, and aboard air planes. Massive super-FAE weapons will now be deployed in the Middle East that has the firepower of small tactical nuclear weapons of 1.10 to 1.20 kilotons each. And we have more than a million of such weapons mounted on various delivery platforms as well as on ICBM platforms. A Hillary in office equals thermonuclear war and the American people whom we have been helping to be well informed will have nobody else to blame but themselves, so my dear Americans you better start building nuclear bunkers with an enclosed biosphere and enclosed industrial ecosystem with Living Machines technologies to become a self-contained civilization so that you can help rebuild American civilization, what's left of it, on the surface.

  8. The Polk County counting was not voter fraud. It is part of the crazy rules in IOWA that if supporters leave, theire vote wont be counted in the second round. They have to be present!

    If they were dumb and left too early, or if they were tricked away by Clinton supporters, it doesn´t matter. Those are part of the rules in IOWA.

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