Credit Suisse says Bitcoin & Blockchain ONLY Halfway to Maturity – 2025 for Mainstream Adoption!

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  2. Cryptos will continue to grow, for the elites need it to. Then they will crush it at it's peak performance and buy out all early investors. After all the chaos settles they will roll out the obligatory implantation of the rfid chip to transact. Christians will be handed over to the system by their family, friends and colleagues. If you believe in a higher being, if you can't accept the fallacies of scientism join us along side the messiah Jesus Christ aka Yeshua Hamashiach to defeat the synagogue of Satan. Do not be deceived, for the deception is grandiose, exceptional in it's nature. Stead fast and hold on to your only foundation, The Truth!

  3. Peter Schiff may not be a believer, but I do believe that it can't hurt to hedge your investments with precious metals especially silver (historic low) as he advises. You might wait awhile to cash in, but you can bet they aren't likely to ever crash.

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