Credit Reports: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (HBO)

Credit reports play a surprisingly large role in our lives, but even more surprising is how often they contain critical mistakes. John Oliver helps credit agencies see why this is a problem….


  1. this freaking credit report companies need to be abolished and banned. This is a corporate welfare fraud that has got legalized by corporate lobbying to conspire against all American citizens.

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  3. I fought for ten years to clear a debt on my report. No matter what I matter what forms I had…no matter how much documentation I had…they would NOT remove it…and it ended up being sold…then being written off by the company….and I had to at in $2,210 in taxes because they couldn't it as untaxed income…it's absolute crap.

  4. Experian merged my credit record with another person with the same name but different middle initial, birthdate, and address. I was declined for a credit card and when I looked at the free report they send you, my score was 400 points lower than it should have been. The other “me” had multiple student loan defaults, bad car loans, wage garnishments, and two liens from banks. It took many phone calls, affidavits, police reports, and lawyers’ efforts to get them to admit their mistake and fix my report.

  5. When i was 7 i was put on a no fly list because a lady with the same name as me had killed her kids and was evading the police. She wasn’t even in the same state as me. I was so confused.

  6. Oh, okay, emmm… i have a very weird question, in base that i don't watch television regularly and i'm from a country where tv works a bit different than in united states…… Is there actually a public or audience in studio, in front of John Oliver, or are those just canned laughs?

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  8. eugh. I hate the credit system. I HATE to spend or owe money I don't have.. even to family or friends. I've never held a personal debt for more than a month. Why should spending money I don't have and then having to pay interest for the pleasure be required for things like getting a job? Why is it more trustworthy to spend money that isn't mine and pay it off than to refuse to engage in the system in the first place and pay things out of savings? It just really smells like a racket to me.

  9. The credit companes get paid by the landlords, banks, car dealerships to run clients scores….And to add insult to injury the prospective renter has to pay an application fee to have the apartment comples run the report..Total con game..If your score is below a certain number the landlord will even tell you that you will pay extra each month because of this…So bad and the very worst places for this are the Dakotas..Just horrific.

  10. I feel like credit reports are just a thermometer for how much money you have….if you have a lot of money….you have good credit (usually…unless you are really dumb)….and if you are broke (me)…you don't (me again). I am a manager at a restaurant, and I'm damned good at it….but my credit is fucked because I was broke most my life….

  11. I helped build the original database used by all three main credit bureaus.

    So the problem here is identical names, so when people report the information to the three main bureaus there is a lot of difficulty putting it in the right place. SSNs if typed correctly by the reporter usually insure the report is put on the right person, but lots of reporting systems (the merchant) are manual and require people to type them. IF there's an error there, they go to the address to TRY to find the correct record. And that is a freaking nightmare to match up because there are a ton of variables.

    The solution is a much better automated system for reporting errors. But such a system would be crazy hard and expensive to write, and lenders and others would fight such a system because it would weaken the amount of data they have to work on. It won't get written unless there's an act of Congress.

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