1. The best thing I've learned from this bear market is to always sell into greed and don't try to call tops. Great vid it's rare that you have someone admit they aren't perfect, so it's very refreshing to see you address mistakes you've made and the lessons you learned from them! Thanks for the consistent vids dude. You were one of the first people I followed in the crypto space and it' been great to watch your progress! I'm sure we'll see the legendary 100k$ btc in the next few years 🙂

  2. Thanks Dalin, the biggest thing I have learnt is, to manage risk and to focus on preservation of value when taking positions. I prefer an aggressive approach to stops now and focus only on a small number of entries at one time, otherwise its too much.

  3. I think i have learned alot by being invested in the market. In hindsight I acted irationally but the pain of feeling foolish will be remembered when its time to sell in the future. Its a crazy world of highs and lows lol

  4. It's not always easy to admit mistakes but doing so and sharing them with your students is a great thing. I've always liked how you've been so real with us, genuine and understanding and not some phony perfectionist as you may see in some other services. Don't be so tough with yourself on your mistakes, we all are making them and are all learning together as well after all!

  5. I can relate to everything you mentioned in the video when it comes to learning from mistakes. The nice thing is that the market cycles allow us all another opportunity to play it better next time. I don't normally bring up projects but would love to know your thoughts on TomoChain. They've been getting some increased attention lately and project looks impressive from what I've researched so far. Experienced and dedicated team and the project goes live in December. They plan to implement sharding in q1 2019 and will have POSV staking and masternodes and a DEX in Q1 2019. Same supply as neo also and people are starting to call it the Vietnamese ETH or NEO. Had a nice little run up recently but still looks like it has more room to grow. Take care.

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