CRASH To $2,000! Says BitMEX CEO | Basic Attention Token | Winklevoss & Morgan Stanley

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  1. CEO of Bitmex…he’s not on our side. Short with leverage on his word, so he can short squeeze and liquidate all of you. Shows that Bitmex feels future is unclear with the big institutions entering.

  2. I read the news yesterday. My target remains at 2600/2800 dollars for months. 20k was the wave 5 in all the history of BTC. It’s time for the super wave 2 to play out. I don’t want to know the real target, since it’s scary, but hodlers… you’re screwed over.

  3. I would take anything Hayes says with a very large pinch of salt. He was saying 50k bitcoin while his own company was offering ridiculous leverage levels to get people to buy – and then short – bitcoin. Naturally, Bitmex itself betted against BTC, regularly liquidating people in short squeezes. Now that particular party is over I am sure they would love people to believe bitcoin will drop to 2000 so that these people once again buy heavily leveraged to short BTC, and once again get liquidated (by Bitmex). In my humble opinion, this man is deeply dishonest and not to be trusted – and there is mounting evidence that his company is engaged in blatant fraud and manipulation.

  4. $2000 Bitcoin LOL
    Apparently these guys say some thing and do the opposite thing.
    We’ve hit the bottom and shouldn’t drift much lower from here..
    I see bitcoins around $10,000 by year end.

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  6. Carl.. bitmex CEO was bullish on 50-60k in the bear market(that hit 6k)… you think this guy will let us get to 2k on 100x Your deluded bro !! Lmao. Also fuck your lines bro ( learn to trade properly )

  7. Could we see a sell off to 2k. Of course, anything is possible. But with baakt brining in the security for investors I just don’t see it. But maybe he knows something we don’t. Either way 2k bitcoin is cool too. I would love to buy in then. Lol

  8. It is interesting how NOW a lot of people are calling for a giant crash such as BTC going down to 4,000 and some people 2,000. That is usually a sign of desperation AND a sign of where in the market cycle BTC is. Most often, when people and "experts" (like the guys at CNBC) recommend to buy and they call BTC to go to say $30,000, price collapses and the were caught in the FOMO trap. Viceversa: when price goes to 6,000 or something similar (like we are right now), they recommend to sell because they call BTC to go around 4,000, 2,000 and some people are calling for the disappearance of crypto, caught in the trap of spreading FUD… So, my view is that there will be an explosive move upwards pretty soon, ending this bear market…

  9. His 5k prediction from months ago still hasn’t come thru. His 50k prediction last year?…not even close. Why would this be any different from the last time he made a prediction. It just shows you that even those with intimate ties to the industry have no clue when and where the price will go up or down. Show me the guy that said bitcoin would break 15k in 2017/18. But I want the guy that said it in 2016. I will listen to him lol.

  10. Lol he’s the ceo of an exchange, thats kinda the only way he can legally manipulate his peers. “ here sell all of your bitcoin before the price drops😛” then it makes them even richer when the price goes up😂😅 don’t fall for that crap

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