Craig Hemke – COT Report, Gold & Silver Price Manipulation

Craig Hemke (a.k.a Turd Ferguson) of TF Metals Report joins us on SBTV to demystify the Commitments of Traders (COT) reports and share with us how he sees …


  1. Craig says under economic stress people may demand their gold and the criminal system may be exposed is the chance for breaking the Comex. I think when China, Russia and other eastern nations are satisfied with their gold holdings they could easily overwhelm a very tight physical market with more orders than normal.

  2. I would think (having read the pdf below) that giving interest to cot or bp report is a complete waste of time.
    TF, how do writers such as yourself make the general public aware that au and ag are necessary for future sustainability ?

  3. What sets the price is the computer controlled Jewish Zionist bankers. Any fool can see that. You are dreaming if you believe that There is a free market out there. Idiot.

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