CRA Scam Calls 2017 – Scammer Says There’s A Warrant For My Arrest

These geniuses called me and left a message claiming that there was a warrant for my arrest due to tax fraud so I called them back to see what’s gucci. They tell me that I can’t pay I will…


  1. This is the number (‭+1-581-222-1183‬) i got a month ago, they left a « recorded » voicemail haha like automated robotic voiceover like those bad info youtube videos hahaha i guess they got budget.. tried calling back many times to troll them but they never answered (maybe cause i blocked my number)

  2. Your south asian? I wasn't aware the CRA issues warrants, or monitors phone calls
    for alleged CRA infractions, without written official notice. Sure, I will pay from my
    Canadian Tire Dollar, account. What is the email from your 'boiler room' in India?

  3. I just got off the phone with one as well. He wanted $10,000 from me or he was sending the RCMP. I told them to send them over, he said they'd be there in 15 minutes, after 15 minutes I called back asking where the RCMP were I was ready to go. He said that I should drive myself down there and turn myself in. I called him a few names and hung up. Then called back and called him a few more names. These guys are total morons, and many Canadians fall for it. I asked him what the capital of Canada was and he could not tell me. That's were it fell apart for him.

  4. While tempting to mess with these losers, use caution as they record voices as a means to defraud people in other ways; ie. Bank access, etc. I have been receiving numerous calls from a VoIP number, similar to another poster who indicated that a warrant is issued under his name for his arrest from division x. The threat alone is sketchy. The call is made by an East Indian with a thick accent whose English is poor, impersonating a cop with an alias.

  5. Get yourself one of those party airhorns and once they ask for money, blast their ear drums out. Works on all scammers. It's the only way to get them to stop calling. And it's a hell of a lot of fun. Speaker phone is preferred if you want to catch the scream. I receive more than 20 calls a month from scammers and finally talked to my local sheriffs department about this, he suggested it because he does it himself.1 second ago•

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