Counter-Trading with CVD

The Cumulative Volume Delta is an indicator located on CVD has a simple calculation but incredibly useful applications to price movements.


  1. You are my go-to by far. Great vid, great way of explaining, etc…but with Tensorcharts I am still learning. Lot's of foreign hieroglyphics, to me. I am trying to figure out my strategy and what to trade(Eth and Btc, for sure, but I am also doing some FX).

    I don't like going more than a day or two on a trade. I want to keep it simple with a go to, high rate of win strategy. Any recommendations? I've watched your strategies vids more than once and just can't figure out what to use. I do know I don't like bollinger bands much.


  2. Unfortunate for me tensorchart is super slow and super laggy. The data seem to be lagging 10 seconds behind. Thank you again for another great video. Hope to see move live stream trading videos

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