Consensus Pump Incoming or False Hope?

Traditionally the week during Coindesk’s Consensus event has been a bullish sign for the crypto markets, but is this year where the trend changes. Let’s take a …


  1. Pretty clear that the Consensus pump was/is fake news. Currently sitting at the bottom of the channel and we're halfway through the event. Sub-$8k by end of week, if not sooner, seems pretty likely.

  2. Hello Crypto Bobby! Nice video! Consensus is a good opportunity to expand cryptos in general, our society needs many of this events worldwide to keep cryptos in people';s mind, but wat can you tell of the new popular trend of privacy-oriented coins like Zcash, Monero or DeepOnion?

  3. i do not think that consenus will take a general pump, maybe a particular announce regarding a project could boost it but i suggest to not have big expetations … but i would like to know how a project like deeponion (which is still well under the radar in my opinion) could benefit from a public conference of such magnitude.. maybe next year? 🙂

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  5. How can the Consensus cause a boom?? 99% of the people that go are in crypto already, and with the price lvl being 3k, the people already have a crap ton of crypto!

  6. for all the noobs. speculation, news and charts drive this market and in that order (and historical dates, just because historically the same thing that happened when it drove the market up or down it happens again)

  7. Thank you for the vids. As much as i would like to see the market picks up, i think many will be dissappointed. Because everyone think there will be a rally the market will go the opposite direction

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  10. There is literally no correlation. a sample size of 3 is a joke. you need a sample of at least 1000 to even begin to get a slight bit of accuracy regarding hard stats. the last 3 years have all been in 1 bullish trend guys…. this year is different. This is the first bear trend after 3 years. This wash out will last all of 2018 and people will learn some hard lessons about how market trends work and why you can't fight the trend. Also people need to stop finding reasons for everything drop up or down…. forget these silly things, focus on the TA

  11. The problem here is that everyone keeps comparing the market in past 3-4 years, consensus If you fact check, it has not been bullish till maybe 3 weeks after, and sometimes went down, Stop reading BS charts. This market is maturing every year, completely different program.

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