Cointracking Binance API Fix – Cryptocurrency Portfolio Tracking ✅ (2018)

Tired of Cointracking not working properly with Binance? In this video we go over step-by-step on how to currently get Cointracking to work with Binances latest API update. Download Binance…


  1. I really love you no hype down to earth style for taking care of business Brent, kudos to you, definitely subscribed as you are always informative and easy to listen to, sincere thanks!!!

  2. Hi Brent, Thanks for the video. Im in real need of a basic step by step video of setting up a CoinTracking. I use CoinBase and Binance. Eventually I will get it set up but for right now it just about painful. Any help appreciated. (once i get this set up i can torment myself with bots…love this stuff)

  3. I also upgraded my account because of the API, and now it turns out that most API's are Not working (Binance, Gemini, Coinbase, Bittrex)…So I did the exchange import but it is not showing on my Dashboard. Any suggestion?

  4. Nice review! I signed up with them. I transferred my coins from Coinbase to GDAX and did trade/transfer to to other exchanges. Any idea if there will be double entries for coins from Coinbase and GDAX? if yes then how do I solve this problem?

  5. Brent, Used your affiliate link for the coin tracking working on getting it connected thanks. Question for you: Historically Speaking, It seems that as bitcoin runs up in value the alt coins decrease in value (relative to Bitcoin) . So this inverse relationship do the ALT coins generally just lag behind and eventually follow the trend of Bitcoin ? OR Will the Alt coins not really move up in value until bitcoin slips down? Lots of Bags as Bitcoin has increased.

  6. Wow! Thank you for this excellent video Brent! I've been working on my CoinTracking data for literally a few days and was not previously informed of some of the issues implementing information into CoinTracking… Binance appears to be the biggest issue with CoinTracking for me. It appears the Binance coin (BNB) which as you know saves you money on fees in Binance is not taken into the calculations at least from what I can tell on my end. The majority of my coins/tokens do show correctly however, BNB, ETH, and TRX are off slightly for me. I'm getting closer as I go, but my Litecoin somehow is way off, showing -3.76. (I'm not sure if the LTC is off because I used the LTC vault for Coinbase at one point or not). So, I'm not sure what to do at this point as I'm exhausting my efforts to figure this out… I used the API for Binance and the API for Coinbase. I wish CoinTracking had a chat to assist with this as they are apparently backed up with tickets and it's no wonder because so many people use Binance to trade. I'm considering trying, but I am hesitant as I already paid for the CoinTracking Pro version. Thanks for the informative video, it at least gives me peace of mind that it's not just me having issues. If you can consider keeping us updated with any further CoinTracking updates that would be awesome. Cheers!

  7. Amazing and fascinating – thanks for bringing so much clarity to how this works and, yes, hopefully they will update it.

    I think it's just fantastic that people put these things together in the first place. It's quite something what these technologies can do. Thanks again!

  8. Hey man. Great video. After we manually change the pairs like this, will Coin Tracking automatically change them in future API updates, or will we have to continually go through this process? Thanks man. Cheers.

  9. Ah nice man yeah this was not working properly for me I’ll play with it, Played with it I think mine has an API Issue with Coin Base BCH is the only one coming in properly, ETH, BTC, and LTC and not pulling in correct date, anyone else having this issue??

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