Coinbase Wants Your Money! (Coinbase CryptoCurrency Exchange News)

Coinbase wants your money! Coinbase CryptoCurrency exchange just got SEC approval to trade securities! Follow Us on Twitter: …


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  2. Hi Zac, I think you have to pay attention with your opinion but it is true that the moves of coinbase are extremely important up to now. I can't believe that they would have any influence with reference to the Bitcoin ETF proposals. It would be naive to believe that we all just need to think and act in a more or less positive way in order to obtain our desire. We still haven't got enough tools to analyze the most important cryptocurrencies fundamentally. Regards, Bert LMci9CxEJXLTGbkzCFrPjHaV7J2Dty8PGe

  3. To heck with #Coinbase ! 😡 They suspended my account for no explanation whatsoever except they said I was no longer “eligible” to participate. The #SEC needs to investigate why their doing the small investor this way. Not right!

  4. Coinbase is honestly so bad, i used it when i first started trading but after several transactions. Probably "lost" $150 due to transaction fees. Use independent reserve its actually descent

  5. It's a shame that coinbase has some kind of monopoly right now.


    Winner, winner, chicken dinner! Love your show Zack! Keep up the good work!

  6. I believe I read that Coinbase will have 2 or 3 exchanges..The one for newbies will still have a very limited selection apparently.
    The coins listed here will be the ' special " ones

  7. Am I the only person who thinks Coinbase sucks?..High fees, slow and poor customer service…However, if these developments kick starts the crypto market, who am I to complain? Surely, best to stick to Binance and let the new money go to Coinbase?

  8. I still believe the market was manipulate to a real low price for the big whales to get in. Which when they get in, the market will start to go again giving the big whales a guaranteed profit benefit.
    Now with coinbase adding all of these assets it's a very good chance they know something we dont. Seems to me something big is going to happen with the market. Hope its good

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