Coinbase Pumps & Bitcoin Hacked the Election (LOL)

Coinbase announced the intention to explore adding five new cryptoassets to it’s platform, and the market reacted with pretty significant moves. Let’s talk about …


  1. Maybe American politicians should put their foot down and take a serious look at who hacked into the US elections; instead of blaming bitcoin for such nefarious actions.

  2. What a load of crap, associating bitcoin with criminal acts. When "nefarious actors" use U.S. dollars to transact in nefarious deeds, does the government go after the federal reserve?

  3. It would be nice if you could do a show on "building a position" in a coin. Love the show. Would like some more technical help. I've been trading for almost a year and haven't been patient enough sometimes when buying into a coin.

  4. I'm thinking about buying a shit ton of cardano. Cardano at 14 cents it's a steal I just wish I could have had money to buy at 11 cents. I think that's the lowest it would go but who knows. Cardano is a sleeping giant fo anyone who don't know this.

  5. Ripple doesn't fit in the framework that coinbase released for adding new coins therefore i'd say there is almost no chance ripple gets on coinbase.

  6. Who is saying ADA least likely to be added? Been following story since 2a cst. Haven't heard any of the potentials favored one over the other. Only that XRP community is in an uproar.

  7. How in hell did "THEY" determine the servers were hacked by "THE RUSSIANS", if they were never examined due to their mysterious disappearance? Debbie Blabbermouth Schultz told them? Must be the same legislator who had concerns about adding additional troops to the Phillipines because he thought the island might flip over, and the people would drown… NOT KIDDING, That happened!

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