Coinbase Hit With Class Action Lawsuit Over Insider Bitcoin Cash Trading – Cryptocurrency News



  1. 1. I don't expect Ripple to be added this week. I don't know when it will be added. 2. I also lost money on Coinbase from the launch of Bitcoin Cash. Here's what happened. Coinbase FROZE TRADING and you couldn't buy or sell. You COULDN'T BUY at a low price because they FROZE TRADING until the price was high. Then once they finally accepted your buy in, the price was high. Then when the price started dropping rapidly, TRADE WAS FROZEN and you couldn't get out. I lost money that day due to this crap.

  2. Bitcoin. How many advantages can you give a fast currency to exchange without the commissions of classic banks?

    How many advantages can give a coin that gives freedom and equality to all people, that improves society and that, if owned at the right time, can make people rich? It happened to those who bought bitcoins in 2009 at 0.00076 USD and now is millionaires. 1 dollar has become 15 million. Becoming millionaires is a dream, it can happen after a few years with hard work, many people became millionaires in a few years with the bitcoins. The past does not predict the future, in any case it happened.

    The great historical periods that have improved society have been the period of industrial progress/innovation, the period of computer progress/innovation, and now the period of monetary progress/innovation.

    Progress has benefited everyone, even those who were initially against.

    We are at the beginning of the period of monetary progress/innovation. As early adopters will be huge benefits, as last adopters the benefits will be less. As last adopters, is there still time? How much? The big advantage of the early adopters is too big?

    In any case having bitcoins, having cryptocurrencies means making history that you will study for many years.

    Probably commissions or timing to enter to test. It is only my opinion (system to test) not a financial service.

    Actually in the test phase.

    Source Tradingview data on coinbase and bitfinex data on 13/02/2018 from 21:15 to 21:25 italian hours

    Bitfinex BTC / EUR 6971 Coinbase BTC / EUR 7025

    1.Buy BTC on Bitfinex Bitfinex
    BCH / BTC 0.1425 Coinbase BCH / BTC 0.14

    2. Transfer bitcoin on coinbase and buy BCH
    3. Transfer BCH on bitfinex and buy Bitcoin

    4 and 5 continue the process at infinity
    4. transfer bitcoin from bitfinex on coinbase and change to BCH
    5. transfer BCH from coinbase bitfinex and bitfinex change in bitcoin and so to infinity
    Test commissions on coinbase: Buy with "Limit" order and sale with "Limit" order zero commissions. The commissions on bitfinex and the timing of the transfer of cryptocurrencies which, with the new implementations, should be destined to be reduced remain to be tested.

  3. Warning to all Bitcoin investors the largest holders of bitcoin is now "The American Government" the American government is planning this year to  issue a sovereign digital currency of its own with funds from siezed bitcoin, With these funds they will manipulate bitcoin to a huge drop, this is why china and other nations have taken out holdings of bitcoin. PLEASE BE AWARE!!

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